Authority Hacker review – is it worth your hard earned money?


Product Name: Authority Site System
Web Address:
Year Founded: 2013
Owner(s): Gael Breton & Mark Webster
Pricing: $997 (one time fee, non-recurring)
Rating: 4.8 out of 5

What is Authority Hacker?

Authority Hacker is a website that teaches the in and outs of building an income generating authority site. Period. They take pride and have lots of confidence in their methods as envisaged from the get go.

An authority site, as per Authority Hacker, is a website that garners a seal of approval from its readers by having relevant content.

The thing I like the most from the beginning when I started checking it out for this Authority Hacker review is the honesty. They do not state overnight riches. Neither do they hold back the fact that it is not easy or fast to create an authority site.

I have worked in the insurance industry for a long time. The divulgence of the element of risk struck a chord with me. Risk management is a built-in feature in their training. I strongly believe this diversifies the inherent risk and pays off in the long run.



The same way as traffic sources, monetization is also diversified to guard against losses and to maximize returns. Using a structured progression over time, affiliate marketing, ad selling and own products sales can be incorporated individually to achieve this.

A fact I also like with Authority Hacker is the admission that authority sites building business is very dynamic. You cannot sit on your laurels. It is a continual reinvention as there are many moving parts.

Target Group

Authority Hacker has two main courses – The Authority Site System and Authority Hacker Pro. The former is biased towards beginners into online marketing with minimal to no prior experience. Covers niche selection, website building and content creation among others.

The latter is for advanced and experienced marketers who’d like to scale their already established online businesses. Advanced SEO techniques, email marketing, emerging trends are taught under this.

I will mostly review the former as this is where first timers will enter through.

The Authority Site System

As earlier alluded, this course gets you up to speed with the online marketing world’s basics. It has real life case studies. As well as templates to streamline your workflow as you build out your authority site step by step.

The program is made up of step by step modules in a linear style. From the most fundamental to more advanced techniques that support a fully fledged authority site.

Module 01: The Authority Site business model 101
Module 02: Finding niches
Module 03: Qualifying niches
Module 04: Site planning
Module 05: Site setup
Module 06: Branding
Module 07: Building posts & pages
Module 08: Creating info content
Module 09: Writing content: step by step
Module 10: Optimizing & publishing content
Module 11: Initial link building
Module 12: Affiliate setup
Module 13: Writing & optimizing commercial content
Module 14: Advanced tactics
Bonus: Becoming an authority

Authority Hacker also promises all future updates to the course free of charge. Remember the business being dynamic statement earlier? Currently the course is in version 3.0 with updated material for 2021.

Thumbs Up

  • Real life case studies

A lot of people selling informational products out there do not have real life examples to back their courses. On the contrary, at Authority Hacker, Gael and Mark have laid out an authority site they built from scratch. And after eighteen months sold it for a mouth watering mid six figure sum – in dollars!

Tell me how many overly promoted courses out there have evidence to back their methods? Very few!

  • Practical, step by step approach

As outlined above, the course is in modules making it easy to follow. It’s broken down into small manageable tasks, one building into the next.

They call this “stacking” where one thing is done at a time since each requires different skills and resources. After one stage is completed, adequately automated and showing results (traffic) then is the next level tackled.

  • Clear endorsement from industry experts

Having been around for eight years (as at 2021) and counting, Authority Hacker has come to the sights of many. Leading industry experts have heaped praise on it.

One being Noah Kagan, the founder. He says that he thought he knew marketing until he came across Authority Hacker! Miles Beckler, a digital marketer and Ahrefs, an SEO tool are the other notable endorsers.

  • Superb templates

Along the way in the training, there are several spreadsheets, content and email templates. This truly cuts down the time needed to create different blocks of content. Additionally they act as reminders or to do lists on what to include e.g. when doing a product review.

Thumbs Down

  • Steep price

The Authority Site System price of $997 is somewhat steep and may not be directly affordable by every Tom, Dick and Harry. The silver lining though is that it is a one time fee and not an annual subscription or otherwise.

Every time the course is refreshed existing members have access to it at no additional cost. That’s fine by me.

  • A bit overwhelming

For beginners, especially those with no prior knowledge and experience in working online. There is so much new terminology and concepts to grasp to have an upper hand in internet marketing.

With this Authority Hacker program other skills also come into play – planning, research, design, project management etc.

It is advisable then to have a full personal evaluation beforehand before committing. No need for regrets down the line after burning valuable time and money.


Authority Hacker has thrived since its start 2013. A long time by how many businesses cross the five year mark standards. On top of this, Gael and Mark have walked the talk. They’ve built prosperous authority sites in the past e.g.

To end this review, I believe these two facts alone stand out and are enough proof of their system’s trustworthiness and resolve. And not forgetting all the feedback of current and past members who have tried it out and achieved massive success.

There are tons of podcasts and blog articles accessible for free on the site. Listen and read these and you’ll realize these guys have a firm grasp on the subject and are worth every penny.

5 thoughts on “Authority Hacker review – is it worth your hard earned money?”

  1. Hi. 

    Honestly speaking, this is my first time coming across Authority Hacker, but I must say, your review has taught me a lot. Your review is very detailed and informative. It is good to know that the system can be trusted. It is also good to know that people who have used it have gained massive success. However, the system is quiet pricey for a beginner like me and like you say, it sounds like it may overwhelm a person like me. I will definitely give it a try in the future once I have learnt more about online business. Thank you for the information

    • Hi Boi, good to know you’ve gained something from this. Yes, Authority Hacker needs some level of savviness in the use of the web, and some creativity. They do not teach the basics. Worth a look though once you are ready, with time to spare. 

  2. Thanks for sharing a great review on Autority Hacker, I discover them on YouTube a few weeks ago and I became a loyal follower of their channel as they share good tips on how to build up an autority website. I must say if they share some good tips on their videos with real websites cases, I guess their online course might be good, and about the con you share on your review about for beginners the course might be too much, I must said the same happened to me when I first signed up to Wealthy Affiliate, too much to learn and too many things I didn’t know anything about building websites, but as you keep at it, things will fall in place and everything will go better, the secret is not to quit too early, give it a chance and you will be amazed about what you can do!

  3. This is an informative review, but somehow still brief and readable. I am interested in what you think about this product regarding how it compares to what they’re doing over here at Wealthy Affiliate. Do you think the training is better or worse? What about the extra resources? Do we get more for our money with WA, or with Authority Hacker?

    • Hi Chase, thanks for your feedback. To summarise Authority Hacker is more for mid to skilled online marketers in my opinion. They clearly point out on their sales page they will not teach you some basics. WA on the other hand shows you the step-by-step. I will not say one is better or worse as they target different audiences.


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