What skills do you need to build a successful business

Have you ever taken the time to study entrepreneurs? Why do some have it easy while others seem to struggle? Leaving differences of IQ aside, it all comes down to a few attributes. A few have mastered them and continually refined them. The good news is that we all have a common denominator. We all … Read more

How to achieve goals without a mentor

Once in a while I like writing about, for lack of a better word, motivational posts. Not what I’d ideally call it as it might be misconstrued for the typical hype piece but lacking in substance. Everybody needs a dose of inspiration. Especially when your tank is running low and discouraged from further pursuing your … Read more

Genuine work from home opportunities

The opening up of digital space has accelerated in the developing world at an astonishing speed. This has coincided with the churning out of new technologies every so often. Consequently, genuine work from home opportunities have increased and diversified to keep pace. Given that humans will always choose freedom over work schedules cast in stone, … Read more

How to drive traffic to your blog

When you start a blog to share your insights into niche specific content you obviously want people to consume it. Consequently provoking a response somehow, whether by reading a post or watching a video. Can be as simple as just your reader becoming more informed, taking a certain course of action or purchasing a product. … Read more

Why people fail at affiliate marketing

  I’d like to take you back to your formative schooling days. Are you there yet? It’s okay if not. Take a moment, close your eyes and recollect the memories. If you are there you’d remember there used to be a lot of tests and exams. Success and failure was the staple food. And a … Read more

How to choose a website hosting service

Once you’ve taken a step to create your website but new in the hosting world you will probably be spoilt for choice. There are so many hosting service providers. Many with very miniscule differences at the surface in terms of their offerings. You will come across a lot of marketing jargon online that might not … Read more

How to learn affiliate marketing for beginners

Just like any other new skill, affiliate marketing involves lots of learning and practice. How to learn affiliate marketing for beginners is slightly different as it tends more towards a technical expertise. But how do you learn effectively? Especially for beginners. At the onset is it very essential to involve lots of planning. Planning will … Read more