Clickworker Review: How Much Can You Make in Earnings?

Welcome to my Clickworker review. You’ve probably come across it in the make money online circles. But if you haven’t, this review will fill you in on all the details.

Making money online is as old as the internet. Many people flock to these online opportunities for diverse reasons besides making a buck. You can work flexibly, unlike the traditional office jobs.

But all these come at a cost. Crooks have also taken advantage of the web’s anonymity to pose like legitimate businesses. With one intent, to defraud you of your money, time, and effort!

That’s why I’ve dived deep into Clickworker to reveal whether it is real or fake. And if legitimate, what kind of money are you likely to make and whether it is worth your time.

What is Clickworker?

Clickworker is an online micro-tasking and crowdsourcing platform. It is akin to Toloka, Amazon Mechanical Turk, among others.

You can join Clickworker in either of two ways.

clickworker review

First is signing up as a ‘clickworker‘ to perform tasks within the platform in exchange for money. The target group for this article lies here since it’s centered around the opportunity’s viability.

As a ‘clickworker’, you’ll be involved in tasks like writing, translating, researching, and processing data. Most are simple and do not require any specialized knowledge.

The second way is joining as a customer. Customers are companies who need solutions to their surveys, data analysis, AI labeling projects, etc., resolved.

Is Clickworker Legit?

If you wonder whether Clickworker is a genuine site, you are not alone. Many others ask the same. Remember the bit on online fraudsters? No one wants to work only to realize they’ll never receive the payment.

clickworker review | company history

The good news with Clickworker is that it is a legitimate business. It has been over 15 years since its inception.

However, this does not mean everyone will have an easy time dealing with it. Some users have experienced challenges of one nature or another. It is not perfect.

Having said that, its growth over these years speaks for itself. Therefore if you think it’s a scam, you need to rest easy.

How to Make Money on Clickworker

The signing-up process is relatively straightforward. As is the case with most online accounts, you’ll have to verify yours via email.

Once you log in to your account, you’ll notice the roll of jobs available in the dashboard.

clickworker review | dashboard

I’m sure privacy concerns will pop up in your head. It did for me. These tasks pay well, besides being simple. But I skipped these for others that I felt more comfortable with.


Within the platform, you can access more jobs by logging into UHRS. It’s a partner platform to Clickworker. It’s the first place I navigated to for work. But I was somewhat disappointed. Later on that

UHRS stands for Universal Human Relevance System. It has jobs related to data labeling for AI application scenarios.

First, you’ll need to undertake an English proficiency test. It contains about 25 questions that are quite simple.

After that, you’ll need to follow a set of steps to set up log-in credentials. Please read the instructions as they are specific about the process. Otherwise, it will not work. It partly involves setting up a Live email account.

clickworker review | UHRS
clickworker review | UHRS tasks

Once you get log-in credentials, log in and navigate to the marketplace. This page contains all the tasks posted for ‘clickworkers’ to perform. Clickworker categorizes the jobs by different groupings depicted in the graphic above.

Most, if not all, require some training to qualify for the actual tasks.

I participated in the image identification task. It was not easy. The images need keen eyes to identify the best picture according to the criteria listed. I did not fare well!

Another one I tried was the identification of watermarks in images. It was easy, but once I got through the training, I got the message that there were no ‘hits’ available!

I tried others. It’s a mixed bag of easy and not-so-easy jobs. The payout varies widely but is typically in the range of $0.01 to $0.20 per task.

There’s lots of jargon and guidelines with UHRS. You’ll need to get used to these to work proficiently.

Peanut Labs

One can make additional earnings by taking surveys. They are provided by a partner website named Peanut Labs.

clickworker review | surveys

Unfortunately, this did not work for me as well. Every time I accessed the surveys page, there was none. It seems jobs at Clickworker are very cyclical and not dependable all year round as a stream of income.

However, I’ll continue checking to note what kind of surveys they are and how much they pay.

Referring Others

Another way to earn money is by recruiting others to become ‘clickworkers’.

There’s a preformatted email message on the invite page that you can send to your list of email contacts. You earn EUR 5.00 for every newly registered referral who earns EUR 10.00.

You can view the status of the invites and the earned bonuses from the same page.

How Much Can You Make?

There is no standard per hour pay on Clickworker. Therefore, the best I can give is a range since there are many variables.

First of all, Clickworker states that jobs are not available equally among all ‘clickworkers’. They depend on various factors like language preference, qualifications in your profile, availability, etc.

Secondly, each type of microtask is priced differently. These include tasks available on the UHRS marketplace. Also, note UHRS earnings become payable after 28 days.

At the end of the day, no two people will end up with the same amount. But the more jobs you take up and complete correctly increases your Clickworker earnings.

The average pay ranges widely. From what I’ve gathered around the web from users’ feedback, it’s from a low of $2 to a high of $8 per hour. It’s not much if you are looking for a full-time job.

Availability of work is also not guaranteed from one day to the next.

How Do You Get Paid?

Clickworker pays earnings once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount in three ways;

  • Payoneer
  • PayPal
  • Bank Account

Clickworker requires the account users to set up payment details accurately. When setting these up, your tax number is also required.

They state that all freelancers working on its platform are independent providers. Hence the need for this tax info.

At the moment, mine states Payments temporarily on hold. I believe it’s due to the provision of this tax number.

Minimum payable amounts are EUR 5 for Payoneer and USD 10/EUR 10 for PayPal and bank withdrawals.

Clickworker Customer Support

To receive assistance, Clickworker provides four ways to resolve system-related issues.

  • Support ticket
  • Facebook Community
  • FAQs
  • Clickworker Lounge / Forum

When logged in, access this help from the Contact link at the top right of your dashboard.

Clickworker does not have a chat feature. I believe this is a speedier way to resolve user issues. But maybe they’ve assessed the channels they have are adequate.

The FAQ knowledge base is quite extensive. From what I’ve observed so far from using it, you’ll hardly miss any information on how-tos regarding various aspects of Clickworker.

Clickworker Pros and Cons

Clickworker is not without its fair share of wins and downsides. From the first day you sign up, you’ll experience different emotions with its use.

I’ve listed below what I noticed over the period I used it.


  • Work Flexibility

Like most freelancing platforms, Clickworker has lots of flexibility in how users work. A ‘clickworker’ determines which tasks to participate in and how long they work.

As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can work from any location of your choice. Even on the beach sipping your favorite drink!

  • Easy Tasks

Except for a few, most micro-tasks on the platform are easy to do. But this has its drawbacks related to payout. The easier the tasks, the lesser the returns.

  • Smartphone Apps

Using smartphones is becoming the de facto way to work on tasks that do not require massive computing power. The accessibility of a mobile device is appealing, especially to the younger generation.

Clickworker has an Android and iOS version to cater to the two mobile platforms.


  • Low Pay

Like I said above, most tasks are easy to carry out. They do not require any specialized skills. However, this has the effect of reducing the amount payable since anyone can work on them.

For example, comparing images or recording short videos hardly require any education.

  • Availability of Tasks

I’d highlighted before that work on Clickworker tends to be cyclical. Therefore, you cannot depend on it for earnings all year round. There’s a disclaimer on this on their website. I can’t trace where I saw it.

Since I joined, I’m yet to find a survey on Peanut Labs. It’s always empty!

My Recommendation

You might be asking whether Clickworker is worth it. The simple is that it’s not, in my honest opinion. It’s nothing personal, I have many reasons for this.

  • First, if you understand the value of time, you do not need my advice. There are other ways to make more money for the same duration you will work on microtasks. Dog walkers earn more!

Most people do not like the fact that for the most rewarding opportunities, they will not earn from the first day. We all gravitate towards least resistance work and forget the long-term implications.

The most rewarding work needs lots of upfront investment in learning. It takes patience. But in the long run, the potential to scale earnings is unlimited.

These are skills like writing, graphic and web design, coding, affiliate marketing, etc.

  • The second reason is that you have zero control over Clickworker. When signing up, you have to agree to their terms and conditions, which are always about protecting their interests. Legally.

You can get banned from the platform without explanation. And there’s nothing much you can do about it! Ask the several disgruntled users who’ve given their feedback on Trustpilot.

Other reasons are limited availability of tasks, delayed payments, and too many user complaints.

I can only recommend it if you have nothing better to do with your time. And for a brief time only before looking for better opportunities elsewhere.


How Do I Delete My Account?

I can understand anyone trying to do away with Clickworker for good. Some users have expressed untold frustrations.

To delete your account, log in to your dashboard and click on the User settings link. It’s under the Profile cluster. Scroll down on this page and click on Yes, I would like to deactivate my Clickworker account.

The account will be in deactivated mode for 40 days before permanent deletion. After these 40 days, the account cannot be recovered. You’ll have to open a new account should you decide to return to Clickworker.

When Do You Get Paid On Clickworker?

First, ensure you provide correct PayPal or Payoneer details. Also, ensure your payments are not on hold. Clickworker performs bill runs once every week to create invoices and update accounts. It might take some days to finalize.

Lastly, Clickworker releases payments, and it’s up to payment providers to process on their end.

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