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The opening up of digital space has accelerated in the developing world at an astonishing speed. This has coincided with the churning out of new technologies every so often. Consequently, genuine work from home opportunities have increased and diversified to keep pace.

Given that humans will always choose freedom over work schedules cast in stone, more and more people are taking up these new opportunities. It’s a win-win situation since the larger market provides cheaper work alternatives. On the other hand freelancers benefit from access to income that might not be immediately available in the localities.

There’s also the darker side of the web to consider – scams. Scams have been with humanity for as long as we’ve recorded history, the internet notwithstanding. It is therefore of utmost significance that opportunities you seek and commit to are genuine. These can only be through due diligence.

Freelance sites

Online freelance marketplaces are the mainstay of the freelancing population. This is because they aggregate jobs, connect recruiters with freelancers and pair the right skills. The freelance sites are quite many, some have been around for longer and renowned. Furthermore, some are specialist while others are general in terms of jobs and skills sort after.

Let’s dive right into these online opportunities.

Data entry

Probably the easiest work you can carry out from home is data entry. You do not need any specialized technical expertise, only basic use of data processing applications and computer literacy. It involves entering data into a database or documentation software. For example entering results of surveys in forms into a spreadsheet.


A slightly different type of data entry involves converting recorded audio files into written text. You listen to conversations or presentations and type it down into word processing applications like Microsoft Word. Keen listening and fast typing are advantages as pay is usually pegged on one hour of speech in the audio file. There’s also the element of varying accents that may make transcription simpler or harder.

Some popular websites to find data entry jobs are listed below.


Writing is probably the most widely available work online. This is because majority of the content in the web is text based. Writing also comes in different shapes – content marketing, technical writing, creative writing, research writing, editing and so much more. Pay for seasoned writers is staggering, however it takes effort and time to build up to this level. So if you are convinced you can write better get cracking.

You’ll need to create samples and a portfolio to convince of your worth for starters. And just like any other skill out there continual self education will ensure you get better every day.

Writer related marketplaces worth checking out

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant is another established genuine type of work you can carry out from home. It involves the usual administrative tasks present in an office environment but carried out remotely. Responding to phone calls and emails, scheduling meetings, social media management, making travel arrangements etc.

It requires a bit of tech savviness as use of a remote terminal goes without saying. A flair for effective communication and self discipline is also necessary.

Sites to check

Graphic design

If you are someone that can communicate visually then you are in luck. Putting together a visually compelling graphic needs majorly creativity. An understanding of line, colors, space and attention to detail. Additionally, knowledge of use of graphic applications like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign is required.

Freelance jobs encompass logo design, web and app design, packaging and label design, book and magazine design, illustrations etc. While you can find jobs on Fiverr there are dedicated marketplaces focusing solely on graphic design as below.

Finance and bookkeeping

Finance records are the yardsticks with which all businesses are assessed. Therefore there exists a market for jobs related to this. A background in bookkeeping and manipulation is required. Also knowledge of use of accounting software like QuickBooks and Sage will be invaluable.

From my research it seems bookkeeping is a small niche to warrant an online marketplace solely dealing on this. Majority of the accounting work can be found within the popular general websites like Upwork, Freelancer, FlexJobs etc.

Paid surveys

Another means to earn online from home, aside from the aforementioned traditional job roles, is through carrying out surveys. Though not much is paid for beginners it can still generate a side income. Surveys usually revolve around reviewing a product or service and giving an honest feedback.

Some might require some level of qualification to proceed. For example surveys dealing in the medical profession. Might require that you be a medical professional.

Examples of websites dedicated to surveys are as below.

Affiliate marketing

Probably your best bet on earning substantially from home is affiliate marketing. This is due to it’s nature of generating earnings when you are sleeping unlike regular work. It however takes quiet a long time to establish a stable and regular income from.

In case you’ve not come across it before it’s defined as promoting other people’s product and services. This can be through social media, content marketing on search engines etc. In the process, a commission in earned once someone does a purchase through your link.

This can stuck up to a very high income if the right conditions are met. Of course this involves lots of deliberate effort. Check out ways you can begin learning affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate.


All said and done, you’ll notice one thing. Depending on where you are around the world, some freelance sites limit geographic participation. Therefore, in my opinion, the best thing to do is not limiting yourself to one marketplace as terms applicable can change.

The websites linked to above are not exhaustive, barely a tip of the iceberg available out there you can leverage for an income. However it is imperative that you ensure they are not scams out to defraud you leaving you deflated. All the best as you start out on the journey of being your own boss.

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  1. This is great, a lot of resources available for a lot of different things. I’m currently setting up an affiliate marketing business myself and personally, I have been searching out for some really good content writers so I know that is a growing area for online money-making. The internet is a great place if you know where to look. Have you personally done any work for or hired anyone from any of these freelance websites? If so, which ones do you find to be the best for each? I find that fivver and upwork are really great, and it’s easy to find quality workers for a good price. 

    • Hi Aaron, I’ve not ventured into hiring a content writer but I’ve been seeing lots of positive reviews for Upwork. You’ll need to do more research to verify this though.

  2. Hi Kip

    I just went through your site and find it very informative, well written and structured. I will definitely use some of the info for extra income. Your site is visually appealing and “soft on the eyes”, your content is well written and you don’t feel overwhelmed when reading it.

    Congrats on a awesome site.

  3. Hi there, thanks so much for this post. I’ve been toying with the idea of earning some extra money online but the thought of writing / data entry / surveys really doesn’t appeal to me. I used to be a PA and loved my work but didn’t even think about providing that service online….but of course things have changed so much in recent times and almost any job (within reason) can be done virtually. Don’t know why I didn’t think of this before – sometimes we need a nudge in the right direct. I’m now going to look up the companies you listed for Virtual Assistant positions. Thanks again!


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