Godaddy Website Builder Review – Make Your Websites Sing

Product Name: GoDaddy (Website Builder)
Web Address:
Year Founded: 1997
Owner(s): Publicly traded
Rating: 4.8 out of 5

I first came across Godaddy some few years back when I was scouring the web for a hosting provider. All along, I’ve known it as a website hosting and domain registrar only, how things have changed. Godaddy came into life in 1997 and has undergone many ups and downs to where it is today.

However, I believe the website builder came much later. I say this because this was not apparent in their dramatic ads back then. I’m therefore reviewing it in addition to the earlier ones. Going by the providers jumping into this scene, it seems it is a service in demand.

GoDaddy named the website builder GoCentral, but this has since changed to Website + Marketing.

Set Up Steps

Just like Wix and Weebly, GoDaddy utilizes templates as the foundation for building a website. Using a visual editor makes it much easier for someone without coding knowledge to undertake a site creation project. Your creativity will be your only limitation.

There are four main steps to take to set up a functioning site. The first three are a breeze – can be done in under a minute. The fourth, however, is the core part that will need some time as it involves the actual editing of site elements.

Choose a website category

  • If yours is not within the prepopulated options, use the search box to find a more relevant category. For example, I went with a travel agency for this walkthrough.
Choose a site category
Choose a site category

Insert website name

  • Insert the name of your website in the text box provided. Immediately it appears in the URL in the background – see graphic below. My demo travel agency site is called Neptune.
Insert the website name
Insert the website name

Choose free or paid plan

  • Choose whether you want to continue with a free plan or upgrade to a paid plan. Scroll down to see features included under each Plan if you decide to go the paid route at this point.
  • In my opinion, this is not necessary now. Continue on the free account as a test drive. Purchase once you get done building the website. None of the site’s edits done will be lost. 
Choose a plan
Choose a plan

Edit your website

  • The final step is editing in the visual editor. As I’d said earlier, this will take the bulk of your time. I love the “process map” included that handily guides on pages and sections to be updated. Available under the Action Plan button
  • There are three main steps involved as below.
  1. Choose a theme – Click on the theme link (multi-colored ring) to access the various site themes.
  1. Click on any element to edit – When the theme loads on the editor window, click on any text or picture to edit the look and feel. You only need to hover your mouse over the various elements a contextual highlight will show up as a guide.
  1. Publish your site – Once you are done with all the editing and previewing, click on publish to make your website available online.
website editor
Website editor

Product Features

Visual Editor

As visible in the previous image, GoDaddy has split its editor into two columns. The left window for editing the site pages and a narrower right one for the page elements settings. I find it quite intuitive and easy to navigate around.

For example, when you click on a textbox to the right panel, you get associated options like replacing the text, font color, alignment, associated image, link, etc. The settings right-side panel is, however, dependent on the element selected.

On top of changing the individual page elements, you can also use the editor to modify sections of a page. When you hover your mouse up and down the page, a blue bounding box is activated to show the various page sections. Use the blue, round button for adding Section should need to.

At the top right of each Section, a drop-down menu appears. You can change various section-related settings from here. It includes moving the Section up or down, moving it to another page, and changing the layout of its elements.

section editor
Section editing

I find it best though using the Action Plan at the top of the editor for a step-by-step building of the site’s pages. This makes sure you do not leave out any important information. Use it though as a general guide as you do not have to have all the specified items in it.


Within the editor window, click the Website Builder drop-down menu to access Appointments. This takes you away from the website visual editor to a new window to set up appointments.

Accessing Appointments
Accessing Appointments

If you run a business that involves people booking you for some time then this comes in super handy. Psychiatrists, tutors, dentists, etc can all benefit from this feature. You get to set the type of appointment, time of day, duration, location, and more importantly pricing.

Appointments set up
Appointments set up


Another important feature that cannot be overlooked in today’s world is an online store. Both Wix and Weebly, reviewed earlier, have these – just to show how of a necessity it has become. GoDaddy has provided tools to help set up a store quickly.

Whether your products are digital or physical your selling needs are catered for. So as not to take away the spotlight, below is what GoDaddy has outlined as supported when you use their website builder to set up an e-commerce function.

Ecommerce supported features
Ecommerce supported features

I personally vouch for anything that supports reviews (as long as it’s not manipulated from the backend!). It gives lots of transparency for anybody looking to purchase. I also noticed the synching with Facebook and Instagram. These are platforms that can generate lots of traffic and by extension sales.


While GoDaddy’s Website + Marketing has lots more features, none of them are as significant as analytics. Once you’ve set up your website, promoted it to a level where it’s getting good web traffic it’s time to start monitoring.

Lots of data is collected in the back end. Its analysis can be utilized to improve and refine the website’s users’ experience, monitor campaigns, and drive sales. Basically to optimize returns on your efforts based on the 80/20 rule.

Godaddy has outlined web analytics features as below. Who will not want to keep an eye on search engine rankings?

Web Analytics
Web Analytics

Other features

The website builder also provides facilities for managing SEO. For example, you get to specify titles and meta descriptions for each page right from the right-side panel. A host of marketing tools exist to promote your website once published. GoDaddy gives access to email marketing, Yelp, social media accounts connection, and review widgets.


GoDaddy has four distinct plans, namely Basic, Standard, Premium, and E-commerce. The pricing depends on features available within each plan. The features increase as you go up the plans, and so does the price.

While in my opinion, the costs seem affordable, GoDaddy increases prices for renewals. To be honest I don’t understand the logic behind this. Contrarily, I’d expect to be getting a discount or remaining at par, but that’s me.

Refer to the graphic below for features available within each plan.

GoDaddy prices
GoDaddy Prices

The Bad

Limited editor looks

I love the blackish-themed look and feel of the editor. Not sure everyone else shares the same sentiments. I’m sure some people would rather have it in a light color.

I checked all the settings and did some googling online looking for a way to change the editor theme. Despite the many customizations you can do on a website, it seems there’s none for adjusting the workspace or editor.

Not a huge limitation for this product but some freedom might do some good, especially if you enjoy toying around with your sites’ design now and then.

No drag and drop

As opposed to Wix, this GoDaddy website builder is not a drag and drop per se. It doesn’t have the precision of determining how many pixels an object should be from the next. Moving objects around involve the use of contextual menus which is a bit limiting.

I personally love the drag and drop feature. My brain has just gotten used to it so much I think.

However, on the flip side what it lacks in freedom of arrangement of page elements, makes up in well-designed templates. Most that I loaded on the editor seemed minimal designs. Maybe that’s why they’ve limited extensive customization by the use of drag and drop!

The Good

Easy navigation

I found navigating the editor to be a breeze. Its good design allows for this as all themes, tools, and settings are clearly discernable. This consequently makes it clear where to find what when needed.

The other components that extend the functionalities of your website are also a click away in drop-down menus.


Step by step guide

Since you do not need coding skills with a website builder, it makes the design process good enough. But having a guided process makes it best. The guide is available under the Action Plan button at the top of the editor window.

Action Plan
Action Plan

This lets you create the site structure without missing any important pages or portions thereby even lessening the time spent. If you had not done the site content and design offline then this is a great path to follow in creating your website a step at a time.

Excellent support

Following the intuitive editor design, you do not have to struggle to find the chat feature and help center right from within your account. Additionally, the response times are up to par once you send a message.

Customer support
Customer support

The help center opens in a new window and consists of a searchable knowledge base, how-to videos, a forum, and a blog. I find these quite helpful for finding my way around various aspects of the site-making affair.


I now believe you have a good insight into GoDaddy’s website builder. You can use the table of contents at the start to view the various sub-topics individually. After doing a walkthrough of building a website for this review, I highly recommend it as an effective website builder.

There are a few drawbacks, but only cosmetic and do not stand in the way. If you’ve ever used it for your site task, let me know your take in the comments section below. It will improve the quality of this review.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing a great article to read to learn more about Godaddy website builder, after reading your review, it’s clear for me that this is a great option for many who are looking to create a website to build up an online business, I can see Godaddy has improved a lot since the last time I took a look at it, and as you mention on your article, this is a good option for many online entrepreneurs, my question for you is which one will you recommend as a hosting for a website, Godaddy or Wealthy Affiliates?

    • Which hosting to use is very much a question of personal preference. Both GoDaddy and Wealthy Affiliate hosting are above average when it comes to service. However, I’d say Wealthy Affiliate and its affiliated services like the courses are geared towards teaching online entrepreneurship which might not be everyone else’s objective online.


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