Hemingway App Review, Worth It For Writing Purposes?

We all know that writing for the web can be a tricky business. It’s a crowded space. And if you’re not able to express yourself compellingly, customers will quickly turn to your competitors.

That’s why it’s crucial to make sure your content is readable and engaging. Or else you’ll risk alienating potential customers and breaking their trust in your capability to deliver.

The Hemingway app helps bring out the true meaning and intention of your writing, helping you ensure that content is easily digestible. You can create publications that are accessible, entertaining, and thorough.

But that’s what the creators promise. I’ll dive deep into this application to discover its usefulness (or lack thereof) to writing in this review post.

What Is The Hemingway App?

Hemmingway app review

The Hemingway app is different from your typical grammar checker. It doesn’t correct grammatical errors only.

Instead, it focuses on the message you are trying to pass across.

In other words, how clear your meaning comes across to the reader.

In short, how concise your writing is.

The app does this by recommending less is more. It breaks up long sentences. It removes excess, needless words and replaces hard words and phrases.

This ability is invaluable to copywriting. The human attention span is declining. You don’t want an impatient audience struggling to understand your message, especially when you want action taken.

It comes in two forms, Hemingway app editor and desktop app. The former is a free online editor, while the latter is a priced downloadable version you can use offline.

Features Review And Pricing Plans

The Hemingway app is FREE to use. You do not even need to create an account. Just access the online editor and crunch away.

On the other hand, the desktop app costs $19.99 (as at the writing of this review) per license, with no recurring subscriptions. It comes with a few extra attributes over the free version, like working offline.

Below are the features you’ll find within this application.

  • Formatting
  • The app has styling tools at the top of the editor window. This tool kit includes the tools you will get with any decent text editor – bold, italics, headings, bullets, numbers, links, etc. You do not have to leave the editor to format your text.
  • Direct publish to blogs
  • You can fuse Hemingway with popular content management systems Medium and WordPress. It allows for direct publishing to your website using these CMSs. The former feature comes in handy since you have already styled your text accordingly.
  • Export to other editors
  • We live in a world full of several different applications that do the same job, text editors notwithstanding. Compatibility is one of the biggest hurdles to be overcome working in a team using various writing apps.
  • There’s good news for Hemingway even so, as you can import text from MS Word. Word is one of the most widely used text editors. Also, you can export to Notepad, PDF, and MS Word.
  • Capture highlights
  • Unlike Grammarly that uses underlining to show errors, Hemingway highlights the whole word or phrase in vivid colors.
  • Hemingway can export a PDF file with suggested correction highlights. It lets others know what enhancements they need to make to their written content.

How The Hemingway App Helps Writers

Hemingway has some useful tricks up its sleeve. These inbuilt functions bring out the true meaning of your words. And make it easy for your audience to understand.

Readability Grade Levels

  • If you are a frequent user of WordPress, you’ll not fail to notice all SEO plugins have features to monitor the readability of your content. Do not place too much mental requirement for a reader to understand your writing. Otherwise, they will quit.
  • Hemingway has a component to monitor the level of readability of your content. It uses the Automated Readability Index algorithm to grade the writing under review. A grade level of 10 and below is good enough for the average adult reader.
  • Hemingway highlights the difficult to read sentences in yellow and red depending on severity.


  • Adverbs lengthen sentences. And longer sentences score poorly on readability. You might have come across the word fluff in writing. They are unnecessary words that get in the way of what you want to pass across.
  • For example, instead of writing He ate the cake greedily, you can say He gobbled the cake. It’s a simple example, but you get the drift. Hemingway highlights these adverbs in blue.

Words that can be simpler

  • Don’t use big words to sound educated and important. It might make you feel as such. But at the expense of your readers, especially in blogging where we are not aware of the audience’s education level.
  • Hemingway highlights these in purple color suggesting there are simpler alternatives.

Passive voice

  • Besides being wordier, passive voice writing gives the reader a feeling the writer is detached from the content. It’s also difficult to write your experiences and opinions in a passive voice.
  • Instead of writing I was instructed by the police, write The police instructed me. Hemingway highlights passive voice in green.

Other functions are the formatting and the Write and Edit modes.

Pros And Cons Of The Hemingways App

Like any man-made tool, Hemingway has its fair share of benefits and drawbacks. In my research, I found more pros than cons.

Clean interface – The writing and editing window has a Write and Edit toggle button. When writing, the Write option hides the right editor tool pane for a distraction-free writing experience. Once done, click on the Edit option to load the editor pane to correct your work.

Work offline – Not everywhere you visit will have an internet connection. It should not stop you from delivering your best-written work. The desktop app enables you to work in commute or while enjoying your holiday on a remote island.

Very affordable – Unlike the subscription model we’ve come to know all too well, Hemingway is a $19.99 one-time purchase.

Small download size – Hemingway Editor 3.0 for Windows (7+) is only 69MB. On the other hand, Hemingway Editor 3.0 for Mac OSX (10.9+) is 105MB. These make for a quick download and also save space on your device.

Could use more features – While it does its intended job pretty well, it could do with more features. But that’s just my opinion, not sure everyone else feels the same. I write often, and copying and pasting back and forth from Hemingway and Grammarly gets boring.

Is The Hemingways App Worth Purchasing?

Besides having more pros than cons, I’ve found Hemingway handy for my everyday crafting of written content. I’ve always found myself packing too many ideas in one sentence, and the app is always at hand to show me as such.

The fact that you can work from anywhere is worthwhile, though I’m yet to find myself in such a situation.

If you’ve used the Hemingway app, let me know what you think of it in the comments section. It will to a great extent, inform other readers. And if you’ve not, and you write for the web often, try it and let us know about the experience.

3 thoughts on “Hemingway App Review, Worth It For Writing Purposes?”

  1. Just something that I need right now as I am a beginner in online business, and this kinda app can help a lot. The great news is that it is free, it is always nice to try products for free, and see if you like them. I’ve been using Grammarly and it is OK (free version) but I will give a try Hemingway app.

  2. The Hemmingway writing assistance app sounds like great value for the money. Especially when you can try it out online before paying for the downloaded app. 

    My favorite feature is how it simplifies ones writing and makes it more direct. I love writing and don’t have difficulty expressing myself. Where I can use some help is in writing more directly. 

    I shall be checking this out. If I like it I will purchase the app.




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