How to achieve goals without a mentor


Once in a while I like writing about, for lack of a better word, motivational posts. Not what I’d ideally call it as it might be misconstrued for the typical hype piece but lacking in substance. Everybody needs a dose of inspiration. Especially when your tank is running low and discouraged from further pursuing your path.

This is why having a mentor, in any shape or form is vital – can be a coach, a supportive spouse, a therapist etc.

However not everybody has the luxury of having a physical buddy by your side. In this case what do you do? It is much easier to give up on your goals. You have no accountability partner and someone affirming your small milestones. Once you hit a road block then what next? Not everyone is built as solid as a rock. Which is okay.

There are a few steps you can nonetheless take to proof yourself against falling off or worse quit.

Prioritize skill acquisition

An important point to always remember is that even with a mentor, you will be the one doing the actual tasks that lead to the desired goals. A mentor can only push you so far as you are willing to go out of your way. It is your confidence, competence and willingness to try that will widen the boundaries of your abilities.

Therefore, mostly at the initial stages, it is wisest to learn as much as you can. Set aside time for this daily. Read available material on your craft and practice over and over. Watch YouTube tutorials and apply the skills taught. Just like touch typing, it is only through learning that will let you type 100 words per minute from a measly 30 .

Learning boosts your self-confidence that guarantees completion of tasks competently. Do not stop once you learn the basics, continual learning and interest will open new pathways you never thought existed.

Furthermore competency ensures you can negotiate better pay at work or even as a freelancer since your work speaks for itself.

Seek real inspirational accounts

When you get to read or hear real life accounts of most notable individuals who have transformed lives you realize how much you are better off. Most people had to overcome insurmountable odds to get where they are. This simply tells us that everything we put our minds to is very much achievable.

Equally important to note is that these people are humans just as me and you. They bleed, get sick and have feelings. We usually get trapped in the notion that they are superhumans. Society has drummed into us conformity that it has sunk deep in our subconscious.

But who said that is the way your life was intended to play out? Being defined by society’s expectations. That’s why assessing your company of friends is a pivotal life moment.

At a personal level I’ve always been inspired by the story of Roger Bannister. You probably know this story. This British athlete, in 1954 broke the sub four minute mile.

What’s striking about his achievement is not so much as breaking the record. It was widely agreed, even among the best minds in the sport, that it is not possible for a human to achieve it. Many had tried for decades and came short. What followed was a psychological shift.

I’ll let you find out how many people have achieved this feat since then. Hint: it’s in the thousands!

Permit room for mistakes

With or without a mentor deviations will happen once you decide to pursue a goal. It is only human to err. Nothing much you can do about it. You can only reduce the error rate but not eliminate it completely. The earlier you reconcile with this fact the better for you.

The advantage with having someone to hold your hand is they’ve walked the path you are on and can foresee challenges you’ll face. Therefore in coming up with a plan you will be more informed. That’s a head start if you have a mentor. What alternatives do you have if none is available to you?

The way to overcome this is inculcating wiggle room in your plan. For example if you intended to complete a job in a week, add a few more days. This acts as a counter against things not working out first time. Additionally, make clear milestones once smaller tasks are completed to signify progress.

Do not get comfortable in having more days planned for, at the back of your mind have one week as completion time.

Not planning for this is part of the reason people fail at affiliate marketing.

Join a forum

Online forums dedicated to your trade is a good place to connect with like minded individuals. This is even better if you are an introvert! Always a good idea since the community shares the same goal and you benefit from experiences of veteran members. You get the benefit of different perspectives from your own on various matters.

These can be found by googling the interest and including the word “forum”, for example “adventure cycling forums”

If you are into internet marketing or building an online business check out the community and discussions at Wealthy Affiliate.

wealthy affiliate discussion


While this is not a conclusive listing these tips will go a long way to make sure you stay on top of your goals. Even when the going gets tough and you feel like quitting. We all need an encouraging hand to keep us on track. That just reminded me of Mariah Carey’s “Anytime you need a friend”!

If you found this helpful you can comment with your suggestions below if you have a trick or two up your sleeve worth sharing.

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  1. Hello there! I agree that we all need a little inspiration here and there. Sometimes we just don’t see any progress or results even if we are already doing everything that we need to do and are consistent at it. This can be very discouraging. I didn’t think about having a coach or mentor though. However, it can be difficult finding one in person at the moment due to COVID-19. I will have to take your recommendation in finding inspirational accounts or forums online. Thanks for sharing these list of ideas.


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