How to build a website in under one minute (with video)

Build a website in 30 seconds

It’s easier than you think

I used to think that building a website is a very technical endeavor. I had to know HTML, CSS, Javascript, and all manner of coding stuff. That’s until I came across this process. It only takes seconds! Mind blown. Watch the video above to know how to build a website in under one minute.

I’m always online and usually come across well-designed websites. I believe you’ve encountered these too. They set the bar so high. As a result, you feel deflated when you think of building a website

Well designed websites
Stunning websites

That’s why most people end up paying designers to create one for them. But quality websites don’t come cheap. But is the cost justified? Let’s assume you are setting up an affiliate marketing website. You do not guarantee you’ll pursue it into the unforeseeable future.

To keep your overheads low, then it’s better to set it up by yourself. With this method, I assure you you’ll never come into any of the following.

  • Programming languages
  • Graphic design
  • File transfer protocols
  • Testing and debugging
  • Databases management

The five steps process involved

Building your website involves only five steps. I’ve outlined these below. Kyle has also demonstrated these in the video walkthrough.

  1. Select the kind of website to build
  • Free domain – You do not have to spend money on a domain name right away. Build a website on a free subdomain of Siterubix. The web address will appear as
  • Domain I own – Have a domain name registered in your name? Then use this option. Is it listed with another registrar? Use the “Transfer Domains to WA” feature under Register a Domain.
  • Register a domain – Wealthy Affiliate has SiteDomains you can use to find and purchase a new domain name. You do not have to leave the platform to a third-party provider.
  1. Choose a domain name

This second step involves submitting a domain name. If you had one at the back of your mind, then this step only takes a second.

  1. Enter the website’s title

Submit a title. It usually appears in the website’s header section. It describes the type of content on your site. You can change it at a later time if you are not satisfied.

  1. Choose a design

The fourth step is choosing a visual design. There is a gallery with thousands of themes. Scroll through and select one that please your eyes. A starter member, however, has access to only one preselected theme.

  1. Click the “build” button

After selecting a theme, the final step involves clicking a button. It initiates an automatic installation process. Execution of files and code needed to set up the website happen at this point. You will see a progress status as it happens. It takes a few seconds only.

The rest of the video reveals important housekeeping issues.

Why do I need a website anyway?

I’m already making money through Facebook. Perhaps a YouTube channel. Or maybe Upwork or Fiverr. Why do I need a website? You might ask.  

There’s one attribute all these other channels do not have. You have no control over how the owners decide to run these platforms. Most of the time, the terms and conditions will favor you. What about when they go against you?

Google decides to shut down YouTube! Stock photography websites choose to no longer pay for photos! While long shorts, they can happen. Why not have some leverage with something you have total control over.

It pays not to put all your eggs in one basket. Additionally, having a website acts as your business premises. It’s your online piece of real estate. You can sell directly from it. Or act as an information bureau. Give recommendations to third parties for a slice of the pie. Renowned as affiliate marketing.

Websites make sure you reach billions of customers worldwide. Not possible with a physical shop. So much of the world use search engines. To search for information and make purchases. You can bridge this gap and make money in the process.

The freedom to work from anywhere is refreshing. Try it too. It might take some time to establish a regular cash flow. But the reward is worth every effort. And it all starts with setting up a website.

What’s the cost?

Is all these sounding too good to be true? You might be wondering at this point what’s the catch. There should be a cost element attached, you wonder? I will not blame you for that train of thought. I thought the same. 

Wealthy Affiliate has two membership levels. With a starter-level account, the cost is $0! The only catch is that it is limited to a seven days trial.

Join Wealthy Affiliate
Two free websites

I’m sure you’ll find the platform well worth your time after the trial period. The first month is a discounted $19. With this premium account, you to create as many as 50 websites! 

Furthermore, there are way more benefits for premium members. Weekly live video classes. Website support. Access to hundreds of courses on online business. Free keyword research. And so much more.

Consequent months will cost $49 per month. Alternatively, you can get a discounted rate of $359 if you pay yearly. It translates to $29.9 per month.

If you happen to join around Black Friday, then the better. There’s an offer around this time. Usually a discounted $299 per year!

Creating a website is just the start. To earn money from it, you’ll need access to practical courses. The Online Entrepreneur Certification will teach you the fundamentals of online business. Furthermore, the first ten lessons are FREE with starter memberships. JOIN today.

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  1. Your post is very good, only for me it came a bit late lol. I enrolled in WA for two and a half years. But I enjoyed reading it. And you’re right, it takes a while to see the results, but reading about those who have already managed to earn income, it’s worth the wait. It’s all about working systematically.


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