How to choose a website hosting service

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Once you’ve taken a step to create your website but new in the hosting world you will probably be spoilt for choice. There are so many hosting service providers. Many with very miniscule differences at the surface in terms of their offerings.

You will come across a lot of marketing jargon online that might not be immediately relatable. Bandwidth, unlimited storage, shared and dedicated hosting just being the tip of the iceberg. Each provider dead set on outwitting the other to sell their service.

Therefore how to choose a website hosting service is best determined using the some considerations.

  • Determine your needs

First and foremost is to determine what you need in a hosting plan. This article is targeted at people starting out into online businesses of a more personal nature. A blog, a portfolio, an affiliate marketing site and so on.

Therefore this means you would not want to spend thousands of dollars of your hard earned money on an enterprise like hosting plan. You would barely be able to utilize even one percent of its capability.

Beginner bloggers are best served by shared hosting. It is cheap and simple. This is where many websites are hosted on the same server and share the same bandwidth and space resources.

Bluehost is probably the best known in this space. It is the best recommendation by the team.

However with time, if your website is able to grow to a high traffic level you might need to consider upgrading to a dedicated hosting plan to enjoy from faster speeds and support.

  • Reliable customer service

This probably goes without saying but a great customer service standard goes a long way in ensuring you stay afloat should you encounter any difficulties. Hosting providers that have faster response times should be coveted and the slow ones shunned from.

Any reliable hosting service worth their salt should have a 24/7 well displayed and monitored chat service. At least that’s the way I like it. Additionally they should be reachable on phone and even social media for those that prefer that route.

Presence should a big factor to consider while choosing a hosting provider.

  • Cost

Hosting is a highly competitive business and this causes a continual evolution to have the best service and serve customers better.

Not surprisingly though that there are so many price related promotions and discounts. Some going to the extent of giving huge discounts for paying for a longer time like a year or more.

price discount

Since you are coughing up cash from your own pocket cost is a good factor to watch. Besides you will need to budget for domain purchase, keyword tools etc. Remember though not to sacrifice value in the hunt for the cheapest service.

As at this post’s writing most providers’ shared hosting plans are in the range of $0.99 to $2.99 per month.

  • Uptime and bandwidth

Another important metric to consider, closely related to reliable customer service, is reliability of the hosting service.

It paints a very negative picture if your customers call to inform you that the website is not accessible. Yes, downtimes do happen due to glitches. And predominantly due to the quality of the hosting package.

Fortunately these days it is rare to find any of the established names in this space having anything below 99% uptime.

uptime & bandwidth

Bandwidth on the other hand refers to the amount of traffic your website hosting can handle. Basically the amount of data an internet connection can support in a given period of time.

You’d want to make sure you have enough of this to avoid an outage for visitors to your site.

Most providers make this a selling point and clearly display this in their marketing materials. Some provide unlimited bandwidth since they know this resource cannot be depleted by the available websites hosted.

But as earlier pointed out it is best to upgrade to a dedicated plan once your traffic grows exponentially. Beginners do not necessarily need this at the onset.

  • Additional services provided

Hosting services providers offer a number of additional services besides hosting. These might not be immediately apparent to a first timer as desired but equally important. These include but not limited to site security, domain and email listing, backup ability and a simple control panel.

Hacking has become a daily threat and keeping your website secure should not be taken for granted. Check if your potential provider has SSL certificates in their package. This ensures your visitors data and information is secured from theft. 

You may not consider from the onset having an email account as important. Once you start engaging clients you will reap the rewards of having an email address in the websites domain name. It validates professionalism and trust.

List of hosting service providers

There are many website hosting service providers to choose from. Some have been around for long and are household names. Others are however much newer and you might not even have heard of. Others not even included in this list as there are several.

  • Bluehost
  • DreamHost
  • WPEngine
  • SiteGround
  • LiquidWeb
  • GoDaddy
  • Hostgator
  • Hostinger
  • Hostwinds
  • iPage
  • SiteRubix

I hope the above named factors will help better your choice. Let me know in the comments below which one(s) you’ve had an experience with and what it was like.

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4 thoughts on “How to choose a website hosting service”

  1. Hi Kip, 

    Having  a website hosting service is really important for anyone who have started to build their website. It is important for us to find something that is cost efficient, right for our needs with reliable customer service. A lot of people disregard this, which isn’t good, as we need to have all of these factors to have an effective website. 

    Thank you so much for sharing and I wish you all the best!


  2. Hi Kip, I’m glad to stopp here. I’m looking to change hosting recently cause I can’t afford the cost of the one I use. In fact, the cost is one of the features, but the quality of the hosting service is also significant, too. Thank you for sharing the list of hosting service providers. It is helpful for me. 



  3. Uptime and bandwidth are, for me, the most important. I have been using several hosting providers for the last couple of years, and some of them have a downtime of more than 1 hour per day, which is not ideal. Siteground and Siterubix are my two go-to hosting services. The support at Siterubix is just awesome.

  4. For me a website hosting service is only worth it if their uptime is 24/7, there is a quick response to a query/ concern and that they have competent service personnel that will be able to resolve just about any issue you throw their way. I have had hosting services that after they get you on a plan they are very difficult to deal with on service and technical issues affecting the performance of your site. I also agree that uptime is also very critical. My host for my site went down half a day and I lost a small boatload of customers because of it. So this type of thing as you refer is also key for me. 


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