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A major part of your affiliate marketing life will be devoted to creating content. Articles, graphics, videos, podcasts etc. The earlier you learn learn how to create content for your blog the faster you’ll achieve success. Whatever success means to you at a personal level. Monetary, self-esteem or otherwise.

Note though most content occurs in the form of text. This is what search engines crawl to develop their rankings. I’ll be therefore biased towards text based content. More commonly referred to as articles.

When new into blogging, creating content seems like a daunting challenge. Especially if you’ve not been keen on your writing skills. Not to worry though as it is more a matter of mindset than ability. Feel better now? If you speak good English then that’s a good starting point. Furthermore all the essays you wrote in school is a good starting point.

Follow these simple tips on creating content to come up with ideas and write more effectively.

Break down your niche into themes

break downBreaking down your niche into general ideas is the best place to start creating content. Before you even set out on your first article, sit down and do a listing of the themes you will address with your website.

And how do I come up with these themes?

While some niches will be straightforward, others will need more reflection. Use a research tool to find ideas into the not so obvious niches. A good place to start is search engines to gather these ideas.

If you have access to a dedicated keyword research tool the better. Most give suggestions based on keyword searched which expands on your themes.

Also utilize a site like Amazon. Notice the main menu and sub menus to inform your themes. For example under “gardening” you have “indoor gardening”, “pots and planters”, “protective gear”, “hand tools” and so on. These are all great themes to create specific content around. And can be drilled down further to generate even more sub topics.

Remember you’ll be creating content for a long time down the road. Therefore the more themes and how expansive they are will give you a great start over your competition.

Check question and answer sites

questions & answersWebsites like Quora and (Yahoo! Answers has been shut down) are also great resources. There are more sites like these of course. These sites get lots of traffic from people of all walks of life.

The discussions are therefore a good representation of your selected niche and different points of perspectives.

If you spend time to check topics relevant to your particular niche you will definitely notice a pattern. A pattern of what is the most talked about issues within that field. This is great for coming up with general themes for your overall blog content.

Note these down as you go up and down the various questions and websites. You can later edit the listing to suit how you deem them fit.

Furthermore, you can narrow down on untapped issues to provide solutions to within your affiliate marketing website. Killing two birds with one stone in the process.

Create an article outline

outlineWhen it get to the actual creation of an article or post, it is advisable to take a minute. Create a shell in the form of points that will make up the full article of what you’ll write about.

Each point should be like a sub header under the larger subject of the post.

Write out the sub headings based on research you’ve done. Better still, if it is a subject you are skilled in, and do not have to research, the lesser time you’ll spend creating an outline. But still important for cohesiveness.

Let’s take an example. Your article is about “How to circle the globe on a budget”. What are the likely sub headers? Note this is not cast in stone. So let your mind wonder. Right off the bat I’d think of below outline.

  • Known routes
  • Budgeting
  • Best time of year and weather
  • Likely obstacles

Maybe not exhaustive but you get the drift.

Further, if you plan to write a long article, break down the sub headings into more granular points. This will help during the actual writing as you’ll not be spending time trying to remember what you’d researched.

In the prior example break down the “known routes” sub header into legs. For example Europe to Asia, Asia to America and so on. And highlight on the peculiarities of the different regions, cultures and languages.

Peep on your competition

peepingI’m not a graphic designer. An aspiring one though, an enthusiast. I’ve participated in logo contests. In the online freelance platform I use you get to see what others are submitting.

That is if the contest has not been set as blind, of which the majority are not. You get to see what you are up against!

While I’m not advocating for copying, that’s cheap anyway, I recommend checking on your competition for inspiration. And grading your standards.

So that you can pull up your socks should you be falling short.

Search keyword terms relevant to your niche and go through some of the websites that come up in the search results. Note the look and feel. What kind, depth and breadth of content do they have? What features are pertinent in the niche?

Additionally are there gaps you can identify which you can bridge with your blog? These could be needs that are not being currently addressed by the existing competition.

Now that you have a head start in content creation, what next? Simply create content.

There are other considerations though for your content to appear in the first page of Google. Appearing on page twenty, however good your writing is, is not going to win any trophies. Or better still make you any money. Since your posts will barely get seen by search engine users.

The biggest determinant being search engine optimization. There are a number of techniques you can use within your posts to take it from the obscurity of page twenty to page one on Google. You can get it all at the leading online business learning platform at Wealthy Affiliate. Free to create a starter account that gives you access to this optimization technique.

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  1. You’ve provided great tips here for creating content for a website or blog. As someone who’s been writing blog posts for many years I would offer a couple of more ideas:

    When looking for content ideas, don’t forget to go old-school with books and magazines. I collect good resource books about my niche and use them for topic ideas and information. And, if you don’t have a budget for new ones, you can hit the secondhand stores or library.

    Another thought is if it seems overwhelming to sit down and write a complete article, don’t think of it that way. Figure out the time and place where your energy for writing is at its peak and break the job into smaller chunks. As time goes on and the writing gets easier, you’ll find you can work for longer periods.

    As you’ve pointed out, content is the key to online success and must be mastered to achieve your goals.

  2. Hello there?

    Wow! This article offers great insights into blogging. Would you mind sharing about niche specialization for bloggers? The theme aspect in content creation explains everything about blogging. I have worked with several bloggers, and the themes really define the content they need. I aspire to do blogging, and I have learned great tactics from your article. I will share with fellow freelancers since this article is really informative. Thank you for sharing the great article.

    Best of luck,


    • Hi Sergey, thanks for your comment. I believe for specialization you’ll need to sort of hang out at specialty forums to get more insights and ideas into the kind of content most talked about.

  3. Hi, Kip!
    Sometimes I wonder if I have the strength to carry on creating contents and being innovative.
    Your post is so thorough and clear it really helped me a lot in achieving the perfect mindset to do it! Step by step as you put it makes it easier to do.
    Thanks a lot for sharing and keep safe!


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