How to learn affiliate marketing for beginners

learning a new skill

Just like any other new skill, affiliate marketing involves lots of learning and practice.

How to learn affiliate marketing for beginners is slightly different as it tends more towards a technical expertise. But how do you learn effectively? Especially for beginners.

At the onset is it very essential to involve lots of planning. Planning will help you foresee what the skill acquisition phase will involve in terms of time and resources.

It is best you analyze your day to day schedule and set aside some time that you will delve into learning affiliate marketing. I say every day since this helps create traction as opposed to doing this at random times.

Skill you need to learn first

In the affiliate marketing world, most of the skills required is geared towards driving web traffic towards your content. The more the merrier.

But before competing to place optimized content before a distracted audience you have to learn how to carefully select your target audience. Furthermore, since affiliate marketing is an income generating activity you want to select a niche with available affiliate programs.

The best way to approach this is thinking of what you enjoy doing. Be it cooking, gardening, athletic sports etc. you will find a niche.

The reason for this is simple. You will be creating content for your affiliate marketing website for a long time down the road and you really don’t want to get bored at some point, do you?

There are affiliate marketing platforms that teach how to select an appropriate niche. Some that I’ve mentioned here before is one Wealthy Affiliate and Authority Hacker.

Other crucial skills


After niche selection, your next skill to learn is creating a website. While it may sound like a foreign concept to a complete beginner, creating a website is not that hard. There are content management systems like WordPress that facilitates a one click install.

While it may be most prudent to learn a key skill at a time, some will overlap often.  Keyword research and content creation will go hand in hand.

Since you will be creating informative and relevant content particular to your niche, it is also important that you give this the best chance of being read by users. Being seen by the audience also increases your chances of converting and making a commission.

The way to make this happen is by continual keyword research before creating content. There are many keyword research tools to make this happen – SEMrush, Ahrefs, Jaaxy among countless more.

Additionally, as hinted above, driving traffic to your site is also a key skill. Besides having engaging content you will have to outwit your competition in search engine rankings. Search engine optimization, a wide field by itself, is a key skill to have for the long haul to rank higher.

Higher rankings in search engines lead to higher visibility and hence higher conversions.

There exists other means of driving traffic but advisable to learn after the aforementioned skills. These are social media (and there are a number) and paid traffic like Google Ads.

Take action

take action

Perhaps the most important step is taking action, consistently. During the daily time you’ve allotted to learning affiliate marketing spend some time to try out one or more things you’ve learned.

The biker above cannot drift by reading an e-book or watching a Youtube video without actually trying it on his/her own. Same goes for everyone of us, only action will lead to results.

The good thing is that most training programs out there are action and goal oriented. No moving to the next lesson without finishing the existing steps. Unless you are only reading for pleasure – which defeats the purpose.

Teaching others and continuous action

I remember back in my schooling days a tutor who would come with class with no material. No books or guides to reference to. He’d go on and teach for almost an hour answering all questions coming his way with ease.

That is the power of teaching others. It offers an avenue for continual refinement of what you have already learnt. This is not any different for any other skill, including affiliate marketing.

Action makes the learned skill ingrained in our brains. Repeating it not only makes it become easier every time but opens up newer, more efficient ways of doing it.

So do not ever give yourself the excuse that you do not know. Everything in life is learnt, talented individuals also have to practice to achieve their best. And so can you with continuous action.

4 thoughts on “How to learn affiliate marketing for beginners”

  1. Thank you for this overview of affiliate marketing which I think is particularly useful for beginners. There’s a lot to explain and a lot of pages have too much information for somebody who’s a complete beginner but you make it clear. 

    I’m particularly impressed with Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy. I noticed you didn’t have a link for Jaaxy but then I wondered whether that was deliberate as if people buy Wealthy Affiliate then they get Jaaxy bundled together with it. That’s what I would advise people to do anyway.  Both of these programs are particularly accessible for beginners but I also know some very experienced people who have chosen to join Wealthy Affiliate and said it’s very worthwhile for them. 

  2. Hello Kip, this is an excellent article about affiliate marketing. For some reason, affiliate marketing has really bad rep, but what people do not understand is that it is all about the effort your are willing to put in learning about it, just like you would do with any other new skill.

    Your article is very detailed with easy to follow steps. I also agree with you that teaching others helps us learn what we teach. 

  3. I have been longing to learn affiliate marketing after all the things I have read online, there are so many people who make a living with it and some even make a full-time income through affiliate marketing.

    Do you need to know a little coding to manage a website? because I have no idea about coding and don’t want things to get messy later.

    • Hi Shrey, thanks for your candid comment. You’ll hardly need to code anything unless you want to. With WordPress, there are hundreds of plugins to meet all sorts of functionalities you’ll come across.


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