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There are numerous questions on the “earn money online” subject. How to make money by answering questions online is one of them. The internet’s penetration in recent years to most parts of the planet has widened. Consequently expanding the market and creating endless opportunities for anyone seeking to work from home.

Answering questions being one of these opportunities. Q&A sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, Stack Overflow will not pay for your treasured trove of knowledge unfortunately!

The players in this field are numerous. I may not be able to highlight all of them now as I’m sure new ones keep coming up every so often.


Founded in 2003 and headquartered in San Francisco this website claims to have twelve thousand experts and counting. With over sixteen million questions answered to date. It covers a wide range of expertise in medical, legal, computing, home improvement among many more.

Sign up process for anybody knowledgeable in a certain field and ready to help customers with their questions is pretty straightforward. On sign up you’ll need to provide relevant academic qualifications and accreditation in your discipline.

The website claims they use a third party entity to verify these, of course to prevent fraud and increase trust in the service.

Once admitted, then you are free to tackle any questions users may pose. The customer, being satisfied with your answer, proceeds to pay anywhere from $20 to $50 and in other cases even more for the answer.


Askwonder is based in Dallas, Texas and formed in 2015. It is a team of decentralized researchers that tackle questions asked by corporations and individuals on various research topics. These entities do not have the time or resources to dig around. But are willing to pay someone else to get their hands dirty for these in-depth answers on their behalf.

This is where the opportunity to sign up as a research analyst lies.

Once posted, the question is broken down to smaller bits that can be worked on by different analysts simultaneously in their specialized fields. From explaining a trend or phenomenon to determining the size of a market.

The pieces of the puzzle are assembled into a brief, backed by data, statistics and research findings. It is reviewed for accuracy and thereafter presented to the client.

You get paid $8 to $35 depending on the question’s difficulty. Proficient researchers make money by the hour, there’s also additional pay to be made once experienced enough to join the review team.


Maven brands itself as a platform for crowdsourcing professional opinion, advice and expertise. Additionally, using proprietary software and tools to enable this. It basically connects consultants in various technical fields to clients all over the world.

Signing up involves selecting an hourly consulting rate using the provided calculator and answering a few questions.

With your profile set up, when the system finds a potential match for your proficiency, you will be contacted to consider your participation.

Simple as that.

After responding with your insights to the questions posed, you get paid based on the hourly rate you selected. Moreover, there are referral commissions you can earn every time you refer someone who consults through Maven.


Experts123 works in the same questions and answers style but has an additional feature where you can write articles on various fields of knowledge. You get to earn through ad revenue on these articles on a revenue sharing program and the more traffic you get the greater your authority.

Consequently, you get graduated to a per article upfront pay once you prove your insightfulness and writing worth.

Sign up is the same as the other sites but you get to select up to five fields you feel competent to answer questions on.

What is earned is not a constant figure since it depends on the ad revenue pulled by articles written.

Help Owl

Founded in 2009, this is among the many questions and answers platforms but earn you points for doing different activities within the site. For example, answer a question and receive 100 points, 1000 points for your answer being marked first as accepted by the poster. Someone marks your answer as helpful and you receive 10 points.

Submitting products or auto manuals also have their fair share of points depending on the number of pages.

The points are exchangeable to Amazon and Walmart gift cards.


If tutoring is your cup of tea, then Chegg, founded in 2005, is a good platform. Tutors and students connect here for learning purposes, covering a wide range of subjects, from Math to History.

For answering the academic related questions millions of students have around the world, you get paid an hourly rate of $20. At least as at the last time of checking. This could be in the form of video and/or audio tutoring or preparing a written explanation.

Signing up is easy and requires identification and some bit of competency evidence in the area you are interested in tutoring.

In conclusion…

As said earlier these are just but a few, the more established and popularly known ones. There are many more you can leverage for a side income answering questions online.

But this being the internet’s wild west, it pays to do your own background checks to establish any new website as not being a scam. I cringe at the thought of the time you can put in researching something. Then it all goes up in smoke by not being paid for it.

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  1. This is a very helpful post on how to make money by answering questions. It is not a field I had considered before, but certainly feel that I would like to sign up with several of these suggestions. Do you have links for any of these sites that I can join them? The four companies that interest me the most are Just Answer, Wonder, Maven and Expert123. Thank you

    • Hi LineCowley, thanks that you find this helpful. I currently had not done a research into each but a quick Google search will direct you to the right domain name.

  2. Hi Kip, 

    This is one of the best money-making ideas I have seen in a long time. We all are experts at something. I am trying out all the sites u have mentioned. I am sure I will find something that fits my field of expertise. i would encourage all others to also check out these sites. 

    Great review. 



  3. Hi kip, I am pleased to meet you. Thank you so much for sharing this; it’s the information I need. I have just created a Quora account and I want to make earning by answering questions. This has helped me a lot with equipping me with some platforms like Maven and Wonder, which I did not know before. Thanks once again.

  4. Wow! This information is great. I never knew that sites as you listed exists.

    I am just wondering what kind of questions are they asking from the experts and what are the consulting rate choices?

    I used to receive offers from Upwork. But I was not seeing any job offer that commensurate to the job offer so I did not really take any offer.

    I am not saying the same for these platforms. Actually, I have seen experts getting much from the job request, in fairness.

    Possibly the offers I got are meant for beginners then. 

    Worth trying, anyway, for those who are really in need of immediate monetizing activities while constructing their online business to be in authority. Thanks for this information.

    • Each has its own terms and conditions and the pay I believe is much lower for someone starting out compared to established experts in their fields with a solid reputation acquired over time. 

  5. This has been an interesting read. I cant say that it’s something i’ve even thought about before, so it’s been educational for me. I thik i’ll check some of these sites out that you mention. Even if it brings in a little bit of income, it’s got to be worth giving a try at least. Thanks for sharing this article

  6. Hello Kip. I never heard of these websites before, so I checked out some of them. It seems that they offer legitimate ways to make money by answering questions. JustAnswer listed doctors, attorneys, veterinarians and mechanics as experts. I think it`s worth trying if you are a pro with a solid knowledge base in a certain field.



  7. When I first saw this article, I thought that it was going to be about taking surveys, and most survey websites pay too little for it to be worth the effort. However, these look like serious opportunities to make money with one’s knowledge. The fact that some of the companies verify that you have the qualifications to be considered an expert on a subject makes them look all the more legit.


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