How to succeed at affiliate marketing, four proven ways

affiliate marketing success

I started my affiliate marketing journey a few months ago. By no means am I near my goals at this point. With time though, I believe I’ll get there.

Along the way, I’ve got to learn so much. Mainly about technical stuff like SEO but also about how to succeed at affiliate marketing.

I finally get to know about the appeal of blogging. Something is liberating about expressing your experiences and opinions. And in the same breadth making money out of it.

A lot of people have rushed to affiliate marketing with the intent to supplement their income. However, the online world dashes most dreams in a short stint.

There are a few skills I’ve picked up that will help you along your online business journey. 

Select your niche carefully.

I can break down affiliate marketing easily into four steps.

  • Choose a niche
  • Build a website
  • Generate traffic
  • Monetize the website

A niche is an audience that you will be serving through your content. You must select this initial step carefully. 

First, it has to be a field or topic you enjoy. For example, something that you’ve done for a better part of your life. I enjoy sketching. That can be a niche. 

The simple reason is that you’ll be creating content around it for a long time. You don’t want to be feeling uneasy and unsure about it every morning you wake up.

A niche is like a deep rut. It’s not easy to switch from one to another now and then. It’s best to stick to one for a smooth ride.

Secondly, it has to be a monetizable niche. Researchers have shown that humans gravitate towards things that improve their self-worth. Fitness. Health. Finances. Pets.

Although these are broad categories, it is best to stick within them. There are numerous affiliate products people spend money to buy. 

However, you’ll have to drill down to uncover less competitive niches.

The niche you choose will have a high impact on how much you can earn in affiliate commissions. The secret is to do lots of research and compare first.

Create value

The subject of creating value is somewhat contentious. There are different perspectives. But what is not in dispute is what the content you create should achieve.

create value

If it’s not helpful to your audience, it will get overlooked. Bounce rates on your web pages will get high. Consequently, conversion to sales will not happen.

How then do we create valuable content?

Look around at your most reliable sources of knowledge. What attracts you to them as compared to others. For example, what do ForbesTechCrunch, and Mashable have?

Simple, they’ve created a lasting impression in your mind. 

They strive to bring new content, not recycling already available content. And if it’s delving into existing content, you have to offer a fresh perspective.

In the case of a one-person army like you and me, it’s best to blog on experiences. Most people connect with stories of how you utilized this or that tool to achieve some ends.

The content should enrich your reader’s life and make it easier.

You, however, might not have everything at hand. In such a case, you can point to available resources of other people’s experiences to fill the gap. 

In addition, include your opinions, both negative and positive.

An example of good content is a side-by-side comparison like at PC Mag. It is informative when comparing products from different manufacturers. 

Of course, there are many more examples.

The ideas you can pursue to add value are endless. You’ll have to be a bit creative.

Learn, learn and learn

It’s rare to come across an employer who will give out a job without any certifications. And it’s with a good reason. Without learning the necessary skills, it’s difficult to say if one will manage the tasks at hand.

The same goes for your online business. But unlike traditional classroom learning, you have to acquire these skills on your own. 

The good news is that you do not have to sink into student debt to learn. Most courses on the internet are very affordable as compared to college fees.

learning skills

Wealthy Affiliate is just an example of these courses I recommend.

The hungrier you are for this knowledge, the further you’ll go.

You are better off scheduling some time each day to learn. That’s all dependent on how much time you can spare each day. But make it a habit.

To be successful at online business, you’ll have to acquire skills in various subjects. Website building. Niche selection. Keyword research. Content creation. SEO. Traffic generation. 

It’s best to follow a structured course. For example, to get you off the ground, you’ll need to learn niche selection and how to build a website.

Once you have a functional skill in building a website, proceed to learn about content creation.

Besides your foundation course, you’ll need to go over and above the usual. Read blog posts on blogging, marketing, branding, etc. Watch relevant webinars and YouTube videos. 

There’s no single perfect source of information.

However, you have to be careful not to fall for rip-offs. Some content creators are only after you purchasing their not-so-worthy course.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, is to practice unlearning wrong advice. Or outdated information. 

The internet is a dynamic place. Google, for example, keeps changing its search algorithm. You have no choice but to keep up.

Manage your mindset and expectations

Have you ever heard Jay-Z talk about his journey? If so, then you must know about his doubtful uncle. The uncle who told him he’ll never make it in music. 


And to rub salt into his wounds, he made fun of his demo tape!

If Jay-Z had listened to him, would he be worth over $1 billion now? Very unlikely.

Everyone has doubters who’ll bring down your dreams if you pay attention to what they have to say. In short, what I’m trying to say is you have to ring-fence your mind.

And the best way not to fall for skeptics is to have as much self-belief as possible. It takes learning and practicing vital skills to gain unshakable confidence.

Give yourself time to grow. It’s always desirable to have it all now. High affiliate commission payments. Authority. A large audience. Everything good takes time to build. 

You’ll make mistakes along the way. Forgive yourself and move on. Do not get fixated. 

Too much self-criticism can be harmful. Everyone has regrets, even the most successful among us. Mistakes are just part of being human.

In addition, practice visualization. Try to visualize yourself achieving your goals, living your dreams. It improves the clarity of the road ahead by miles. 

Besides the positive, you need to anticipate the sucker punch you never saw coming. Prepare for the unexpected. 

We cannot foresee everything in life. Therefore, leave some wiggle room in your planning. 

For example, your reliable web hosting partner experiences a prolonged downtime. Or your trusted content creator halfway around the globe suddenly goes cold.

They are rare and undesirable, but when they do happen can set you reeling.

Read some of the reasons why people fail at affiliate marketing.

In summary…

I do not doubt you will achieve success if you put these few tips to good use. 

It usually always starts with the mental attitude you adopt. Positive criticism. An optimistic outlook. A learning culture. All these guarantee success in your online business journey.

However, if you are inconsistent, not open to taking action, then you are doomed. You are better off pursuing other activities until you are mentally ready.

It’s unlikely that you can wing it and succeed.

I recommend you visit this Online Entrepreneur Certification course. It’s an insightful step-by-step course that will give you the foundation for making money online. 

online entrepreneur certification

The foundation part has ten FREE lessons to get you off the ground.

You also have access to all the tools you’ll need within a single platform. A keyword tool. A website builder. Domain registration and management.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing a great article to read to learn more about how to succeed at affiliate marketing, the four proven ways you share in your article sounds quite interesting, besides the training which I’ve been working on, I must say having the right mindset will help many to know how to work on it and what expectations can have, as this is something that might need to work for many days, weeks and months before see anything in return. But I still believe this is a good opportunity for anyone who is looking to work from home. 


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