How to learn affiliate marketing for free

You’ve probably heard of it as a means to earn an income on your own. You want to try it. But first, you need a way to learn affiliate marketing.

A little googling reveals several online courses, but they charge amounts you do not have! Or you are not willing to part with it now.

It is justified. You are not sure this is the type of business for you. You want time to find out more to be comfortable with the idea of paying for training.

Most notable businesspeople did not succeed right away with their first or even their second venture.

How many times do people drop out of college after realizing that is not their vocation? And this is after forking out large amounts of money in tuition fees!

That’s why I decided to do a roundup of free affiliate marketing resources available around the web to get your feet wet.

YouTube channels

learn affiliate marketing for free - YouTube

YouTube is the second most visited site after Google.

And the reason is evident.

The content is visual. People find it more engaging, than say, reading a blog post.

YouTube also hosts a vast amount of content.

Some estimate that you’ll need over 150,000 years to watch all the videos!

But I digress.

There are many fantastic videos on affiliate marketing, but I’ll stick to well-curated channels.

#1 Freedom Influencer

Nathan Lucas, a now renowned affiliate marketer, started his journey way back in 2014.

He’d tried his hand at MLM but did not go far with it. Remember where I said rarely do people succeed with their first venture?

He started the Freedom Influencer YouTube channel back then in 2014. So far, he has close to 400,000 ardent subscribers.

He’s also uploaded hundreds of videos on affiliate marketing. He also covers mindset and motivation stuff since he believes without these, you’ll hardly go far.

#2 Project Life Mastery

Stefan James is the brains behind the Project Life Mastery YouTube channel. He’s a successful entrepreneur with an enviable net worth to back it up.

I’d trust what he has to say over some random YouTuber without a reputation.

He started the channel back in 2012, which is quite a good number of years back. Currently, the channel has 1.2m subscribers.

Besides all the self-mastery and living a full life stuff, he has a playlist dedicated to affiliate marketing. So far, as at the writing of this blog post, it has 57 videos.

#3 Miles Beckler

Unlike the previous channel, the Miles Beckler YouTube channel focuses only on affiliate marketing.

He claims to have over 17 years of experience.

The channel started in 2011 and the number of subscribers is close to 200,000.

That’s a lot of knowledge accumulation. It is evident in the affiliate sites he talks about that have made him hundreds of thousands of dollars. Notable is one site that makes six figures per month!

He knows what he’s doing, be it picking a profitable niche, keyword research, creating ads, or email marketing.

I like his step-by-step approach, so if you are a beginner, it’s easy to follow.

#4 Income School

Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler are the cofounders of Income School.

They run a paid membership program called Project 24. It teaches anyone willing to replace their dull jobs with income from websites and YouTube channels in 24 months.

Despite this, they run the free to watch Income School YouTube channel.

They started the channel in 2014 and so far it has close to 200,000 subscribers.

In this channel, they share a lot of information on niche sites, SEO, WordPress, monetizing a website, and so much more.

Other YouTube channels that have bits of free affiliate marketing training worth mentioning are;

#5 Santrel Media

#6 John Crestani

#7 Ali Abdaal

#8 Hogan Chua

Online Learning Platforms

E-learning has been growing steadily over the years. And given happenings like the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s only going to entrench itself more in our lives.

And the more, the merrier. The quality of content will improve as demand on these platforms attracts more course creators.

But this will also result in more free courses to exploit.

#1 Udemy

Launched in 2010, Udemy has grown by leaps and bounds. Part of the reason for the success is the free courses available within its platform. We rarely say no to free. Right?

how to learn affiliate marketing for free - Udemy

And the best part is that you can check the course rating from reviews left by other students. It doesn’t pay to waste time on a poorly put-together course.

But for as little as $12, you can access the paid courses if you’d want to.

#2 Skillshare

Another popular e-learning platform is Skillshare. Also started in 2010, it has grown to serve millions of learners worldwide.

Despite offering a month’s worth of free access to premium content, Skillshare does not have as much free content on affiliate marketing as Udemy.

And unlike Udemy, you have to open the individual course to see its reviews.

Other platforms that I checked like Coursera, edX, Udacity, and Pluralsight have little to offer in terms of affiliate marketing courses, let alone free ones.

Blogs and podcasts

There are over 600m blogging sites on the internet churning out a staggering 7m posts per day. It’s therefore impossible to keep track of all the blogs dedicated to teaching affiliate marketing.

But some helpful resources have withstood the test of time.

Some blogs and podcasts you might already know are behind the most known personalities in the affiliate marketing arena.

Examples are Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn, Backlinko by Brian Dean, among several others.

how to learn affiliate marketing for free - SmartPassiveIncome

I’ve listed these and several others below in no particular order. Several hosts content on the much broader digital marketing topic, not only affiliate marketing.

Also, note there’s also lots of overlap in the medium used by these blogs. Besides publishing blog posts, some have YouTube channels, a strong social media presence, and regular podcasts.

Other sources

Another source of affiliate marketing knowledge is forums. The advantage is that you get to ask questions and receive feedback from experienced members.

Some examples are;

Social media is also a good source if you are one of those who always like to be plugged into socials. But this is not my favorite as you might get into the habit of wasting time with less relevant interactions.


Affiliate marketing information comes in all forms and sizes. You have the option of choosing where you want to gain it from.

When I started, all this information felt very overwhelming. But I gave myself time, which you should too.

Pat Flynn says that the common denominator for everyone is that you start from scratch.

The best approach to take is following a practical step-by-step course. My recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneur Certification.

It has ten free lessons that will take you from scratch to having a fully functional affiliate marketing website.

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