MOBROG review: is it a scam or a legit survey site?

I am writing this MOBROG review to help you make an informed decision. A decision of whether it is worth your time and effort to join it and earn some income.

Survey sites have grown in popularity over the years for obvious reasons. Brands perform research to gain insights into the market.

These entities then use the results of these surveys to design new products and services and improve existing ones.

Mobrog and its alternatives are among the many ways of making money online by answering questions.


MOBROG started operations in 2011. However, they do not explicitly state this on their official website. That makes it a good ten-plus years in business.

It deals in conducting surveys via the website and their smartphone app.

MOBROG review

Headquartered in Hamburg, the service is run by a market research firm SPLENDID RESEARCH GmbH incorporated in Germany.

They allow participation from close to 80 countries around the world. If you are reading this, the odds are high that you can take part, but you might need to confirm.

How does MOBROG work?

MOBROG acts as an in-between connecting clients (those seeking feedback) and consumers.

As stated earlier, makers of products and services always seek market feedback to enhance value. Entrepreneurs who lose touch with their target consumers risk aggressive competitors wiping them out.

MOBROG, therefore, collects and aggregates questionnaires from businesses on their website. The willing public then signs up to provide their feedback on these surveys.

Once done, you get paid for the surveys done.

The surveys are paired to you by country and details you filled in your profile. Hence some members will qualify and make more money than others.

Is MOBROG legit?

And now to the gist of this review. How legit is MOBROG, if at all?

The first thing I always look for is how long the entity has been in business. Given that MOBROG has been around since 2011, it checks this box in my list.

Most online fraudsters get online to make the most money as first as possible before word gets out of their scammy intentions.

But longevity alone does not mean MOBROG is legit.

Another thing I always check is if an online business has owners that you can place faces. If I can verify their existence, then that’s another tick.

Fortunately for MOBROG, its owner, SPLENDID RESEARCH GmbH, has a physical address, telephone contacts, and a Google knowledge panel. Hence it passes this test.

On the whole, I can safely conclude that MOBROG is legit.

Is MOBROG safe?

There is always the fear that some websites are only out to harvest your information. They then sell this data to third parties without your consent.

I’ve come across these myself, and they pose like legitimate businesses but cannot be trusted.

Where does MOBROG fall in this regard?

First of all, they have a valid SSL certificate. Therefore, your personal information is secure.

Secondly, at signing up, you do not have to provide personal information beyond what is needed. Only enough to pair you appropriately to surveys.

With scams, they will ask you to provide information that has nothing to do with the micro-jobs you will be handling.


In addition to the desktop site, there is also a smartphone app, both an Android and an iOS version.

So if you prefer answering surveys over a smartphone, you are catered for. Which I believe is most of us since it’s much handier as it is always with us.

There is also mention of Blackberry on their homepage, which makes me think they have not updated their content since they started the site!

Both app versions on Google Play and App Store have uninspiring reviews. 3.6/5 and 3.5/5, respectively.

Checking on user reviews, most of it seems to boil down to usability issues with the apps. Below I’ve picked the most recent one review per star marked as most helpful by users.

MOBROG app review

Trustpilot reviews

Despite most other sources having mainly negative reviews, Trustpilot has a positive rating for MOBROG. At least as at the writing of this review.

MOBROG review

However, what you will notice is that they claimed this profile way back in 2016. Therefore, MOBROG has a massive influence by inviting members to post positive reviews.

To me, it seems like a PR exercise to dilute the many negative reviews from dissatisfied members available elsewhere online.

MOBROG pros and cons

Like any other man-made service, MOBROG has its benefits and downsides. It’s not a make-money-online solution for everyone.


  • Genuine service
  • We’ve already established that it is a legitimately registered service with a long history in service. It is not a scam set up to defraud you.
  • There is feedback and evidence of members taking part in surveys, getting paid, and cashing out.
  • Ease of use
  • I find navigating around the website well enough. Once logged in, the profile has a well-laid-out design that gets you cracking immediately without spending effort figuring out stuff.


  • Negative business ethics
  • I’ve gone through lots of feedback and reviews from members, and there is a repetitive theme. You take part in a survey, and towards the tail end, a ‘glitch’ causes a screenout (especially on the app).
  • Your feedback is submitted, but you do not get credit for it. It can easily suggest someone might be pulling strings behind the scenes, and MOBROG not fixing this for this long baffles.
  • Meager earnings
  • Don’t expect to earn a living from this. Treat it as a side income you generate in your spare time as the pay is too small.

How much does MOBROG pay?

On their website, MOBROG states that they pay between $0.5 to $3 per survey.

You can also earn by inviting friends to the platform to take part in surveys. But MOBROG only credits payment once the invited persons take part in a minimum of three surveys.

MOGROG processes payments via PayPal, although the minimum allowable withdrawal is $4.

MOBROG on YouTube

On their, About Us page, MOBROG has several YouTube video testimonials by users in various countries.

All of them are from 5 years ago!

Others have posted more recent tutorials and what they think of it directly on YouTube. It’s worth checking them out if you are contemplating joining.

Alternatives to MOBROG

From the member reviews I read, one criticism they have is the few surveys available. Or at least the number of surveys they are eligible for, even with a filled-out profile.

There are more survey centered websites worth giving a try, namely;

  • Branded Surveys
  • Swagbucks
  • InboxDollars
  • Survey Junkie
  • PrizeRebel
  • Toluna
  • Zoombucks

One important aspect to note is that most of these surveys target the USA, Canada, and European consumers. Hence you might not be eligible for many of them if you reside in Latin America, Asia, or Africa.

My recommendation

I do not recommend MOBROG for anyone serious about creating a source of income.

I consider surveys more of a hobbyist activity for spare time.

For long-term income generation, I recommend affiliate marketing. It takes longer to learn and implement, but you benefit from the returns for a long time down the road. It’s called passive income.

It is more sustainable than answering surveys for a pittance. And once you are not answering questions, you are not earning.

Affiliate marketing has the advantage of making you money while you sleep!

If you are serious about making money online through affiliate marketing, please check out Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneur Certification.

The first ten lessons are FREE, and it covers building a niche WordPress blog, to research and creating content.

Many others have started this way and are now earning a full-time income online.

3 thoughts on “MOBROG review: is it a scam or a legit survey site?”

  1. Hi Kip. Thank you for interesting article. I read before a bit about MOBROG program and to be fair opinions were quite mixed. But looking on your review I wouldn’t invest my time into it. In general Im sceptic about surveys business and Mobrog is good example that its just not effective. You can earn much better money investing time in more legit business like wealthy affiliate.

  2. Hey Kip! I want to say that this is an amazing niche idea! I’ve actually been doing online surveys and find it to be a bit difficult to get ones that are accepted. This seems like a great idea, although it may not sound like much money per survey, if this is something that’s done on a regular basis, I’m sure the amount will begin to add up! It’s a patience game, but worth it if it becomes a pattern! Thanks for sharing!


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