Ojooo Wad Review: Is It Real Or A Scam? (2021 Updated)

With every passing year, more ways of making money online keep coming up. More ways than a single individual can keep tabs on.

With this in mind, it’s essential to always do a thorough background check before joining these ventures. Scammers have taken advantage of the simplicity of the web to prey on unsuspecting persons.

One of these avenues to make money is a service named Ojooo Wad. I focus on it in this review to reveal whether it is genuine and how you can profit from it.

ojooo wad review | home page

But also, most importantly, whether it is worth your time. We all know we have various choices, but the time available is constant.

Therefore, it’s ideal to pursue at the least what has a high return on time investment, if not the highest.

What is Ojooo Wad About

Ojooo Wad is a PTC service that claims to pay its members for watching ads posted on their website. PTC stands for paid-to-click. They’ve been around for several years, and they’ve updated their spectrum of services over this time.

However, watching ads has remained the popular way for making money on their website. For obvious reasons. One that it is just easy to do.

But this comes at a cost. I discuss this bit later.

To become a member, you have to register, accept terms, and create a profile on their platform to qualify. And that’s what I exactly did for this review.

How to Sign Up

Creating a membership is pretty straightforward.

Access the registration page and fill out your details. Hover your mouse over the white question mark in a blue circle graphic to get info on a particular field.

ojooo wad review | sign up form

If using a smartphone, click on it to load the tooltip.

Checkmark the I’m not a robot CAPTCHA and accept the terms and conditions. Then click on Register. And voila, you are done!

If you are meticulous and would like to read the terms, click on the Terms Of Service in the footer section. It will open in a new window.

As a final step, you will have to verify via email. It’s either through clicking the link in the email or copying the verification code and pasting it in the registration form.

Another way to create a profile that Ojooo offers is via a Google account.

Use the login link at the top of the page for successive accesses.

My Sign Up Experience

Despite it seeming like a simple process, I did encounter a hitch.

After filling out the registration form, clicking on the Register button led to an error. I got a message that my IP address is already in use! How? I wondered. I’m the only one who uses this laptop!

ojooo wad review | IP address already in use

I clicked on the Help link to get more information. And it reads like below.

ojooo wad review | IP address is blocked

Restarting my internet connection as advised did not resolve anything.

I’m lucky to have another internet service provider as switching fixed the issue. I can’t explain why this happened, but I found it very strange.

If you find yourself in this situation, now you know how to deal without racking your mind.

Is Ojooo Wad Real Or Fake?

I can bet I’m not the only one who searches the web to check whether an offer is genuine. Most of us do. Maybe it’s only the level of detail we go to that makes the difference.

It’s what I did before I even created an account with Ojooo Wad.

There’s so much that others say about it, both positive and negative. It’s sometimes tough to come to a clear conclusion.

Despite this, my research makes me believe they are legit for some reasons that I outline below.

  • The domain is more than ten years old.
  • Information from WHOIS reveals that Ojoo has claimed the domain name for more than a year in advance.
  • The website has a valid SSL certificate.
  • Presence of feedback from members of actually dealing with the platform. Although some experience difficulties of one nature or another along the way.

Whether Ojoo runs the business ethically is entirely another discussion. Some of its members have expressed frustrations which I will highlight later on.

Who Was Ojooo Wad Meant For?

Before we even move on further, let’s explore who Ojoo meant this service for.

If you are not part of the crowd that reads the terms, it’s vital to know material facts from the get-go.

Can you imagine working all month long only to realize you do not qualify to withdraw due to some conditions? For example, you live in a US-sanctioned country. That will not be interesting!

When it comes to using, Ojooo Wad does not geo-restrict the service, so you are safe on that front. They’ve spelled this out in their FAQs.

Additionally, there’s no age restriction as to the age of members who can sign up to earn money.

How to Use Ojooo Wad

Once you can log in to your profile, you’ll need some getting used to locating all the features available.

It’s somewhat cluttered in there with banner ads all over. Not necessarily a bad thing, but the design and layout could be better.

Watching Ads

The link to the paid to click ads is at the top of the page. It takes you to a page to access all the available ads you can watch to earn.

ojooo wad review | watch ads

You’ll notice the info on time needed and earnings per ad at the bottom of each ad. Clicking on an ad opens it in a new window.

Once the ad opens, you’ll notice a countdown timer at the top of the window. The time allotted has to lapse for Ojooo Wad to credit the earnings to your account.

At the bottom right, you’ll see an ad that says available only to Premium users. It’s a sort of call to action to upgrade your account to earn more. Of course, this comes at a cost to you!

My main issue here is the amounts payable. At a rate of $0.001, how many ads will you watch to make it worth the while? And that’s assuming the ads available do not run out.

I’d better spend that time learning a skill that pays a sustainable wage. Don’t be fooled by the ease of it all.

Membership Levels

You’ll soon notice there are different levels of members. These are Standard, Economy, Economy Lite, Privilege, and Privilege+. You have to pay for an upgrade.

ojooo wad review | type of membership

Ojooo states there are higher benefits with level upgrades, but I’m not feeling that vibe. For example, earnings for watching a 5-second ad is $0.001 for the Standard level, whereas it’s $0.002 for Privilege+.

A whole five levels across! And these levels have to be renewed monthly to continue enjoying these benefits.


To earn more money, you need to refer Ojooo Wad to others. Or at least that’s what they claim. They provide some referral tools in the name of HTML codes and banners.

I’m not sure of the purpose of showing the referral code on the sign-up page. I feel referrals will merely strip it out through the URL.

A portion of the earnings generated by direct referrals from activities like watching ads is credited to your account.

The amount is dependent on ads duration watched and the referrals’ type of memberships. You can monitor this through the Referrals link in your account.

ojooo wad review | referrals

Another category of referrals is rented referrals. I found this a weird concept at first. It sounds like buying followers on social media or something of the sort.

Rented referrals are other members of Ojooo you can buy and earn from their activity. Sounds strange, right? After 30 days, you have to pay again to extend the term for another month.

ojooo wad review | rented referrals

I’m not sure how practical this is as I’m yet to try it out. Ojooo has a disclaimer on this which already puts doubt in my mind.

ojooo wad review | rented referrals disclaimer

They can only promise the referral was active in the past. But that’s not a guarantee the referrals will be active on the platform in the future!


Another way to earn, albeit in Amazon gift cards and physical products like headphones and iPhones, is taking part in the puzzles quest.

The objective is to collect puzzle pieces that appear within some ads that you watch. It’s random on which ads they appear.

ojooo wad review | puzzle

Once you find one piece and click on it, a popup loads. It shows a schematic picture with the pieces found and those still missing.

Continue watching ads to discover more pieces. Some will appear repetitively.

You’ll see a congratulations message when you collect all the pieces. Then you have to arrange the pieces to the complete image, and then it’s sent automatically as an application.

But that’s not all. Under the terms, Ojooo states that this is only an entry!

ojooo wad review | puzzle terms

I have my reservations about things based purely on luck, like gambling. If some skill is involved, then that’s fine. But this sounds very much like the former.

As a harmless, fun activity, it’s fine, but not as a means to make money. It seems like Ojooo’s objective here is to make you only spend more time watching ads for a pittance.

You can find other means to earn rewards under the Offers dropdown menu. These are;

  • Coinflip
  • Traffic Exchange
  • MinuteStaff
  • PersonaLy
  • OjoooGrid
  • OfferToro
  • Wannads
  • Kiwi Wall

How Much Can I Make With Ojooo Wad?

The elephant in the room is always how much can I make? It’s a justified question. Nobody wants to waste their time for no return.

Unfortunately, there’s no standard answer for this. It’s dependent on so many factors – how many hours you put in, your membership level, etc.

But what I’ve established is that it’s not much. I’ve seen feedback from members withdrawing $20 and another $50 for a month’s work. To be honest, at the rate of around $0.001, you cannot earn much.

It reminds me of the Toloka micro-tasking platform I recently reviewed that pays in such decimals.

I’m not even sure I want to find out how many hours those two users put in! As a starter member, you’ll have to watch 1,000 ads to earn one credit!

ojooo wad review | upgrade earnings

At that rate, when are you going to afford an upgrade to get the claimed higher earnings?

It all doesn’t add up for me. And I’m yet to find at what point you earn the claimed $0.04. It’s not in the schedule.

ojooo wad review | how much can I make with ojooo

I’m not discouraging anyone from trying, only asking you to take a deeper cost-benefit analysis, and if you find it worth your time, then well and good.

But what I’ve discovered here is that the payouts are way lower than other means of making money on the internet.

How to Make Withdrawals

To make withdrawals, click the Cash out funds link in your account. You’ll need to fill out the personal data fields to facilitate this.

However, you have to abide by some conditions set out, for example, the minimum withdrawal amount and 100 clicks.

ojooo wad review | withdrawal

If you had your PayPal email ready, prepare for disappointment. Ojoo Wad only uses cryptocurrencies as the sole payment method to handle payments – Bitcoin and Ethereum.

At least, that is the case at the writing of this review.

I’m guessing this alienates a sizeable population. Ojooo has provided a guide if crypto is new to any new member.

Ojooo Wad Customer Support

To receive any help for difficulties encountered with the system, you’ll have to contact the support team via email.

So if it’s an issue you need immediate assistance on, you are out of luck. I find a chat feature faster to resolve matters, but that’s not available.

Ojoo is available across the many social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. I highly doubt these will help as I suspect these are for promotional purposes.

The Ojooo Wad complaints I’ve come across could also be a lack of responsive customer support.

There’s a forum and a blog accessible from the top of the page to discover more info related to the platform.

Other Ojooo Wad Reviews

There are so many other reviews of Ojooo Wad that I’ve leveraged to compile this post.

First, I visited Trustpilot to check on feedback from users. It scores a measly 2.8 out of 5 on the TrustScore. However, Ojooo has not claimed the Trustpilot profile. Therefore, they may not be aware of the complaints to respond accordingly.

But still, this gives a picture of the level of satisfaction with the service. I’ve some of the more recent feedback as below.

ojooo wad review | ojooo wad trustpilot

As you can see, there are many sentiments to the extent of one user pouring his heart out in an extensive essay! I don’t believe all this is unwarranted. I believe customer service is failing at some point.

Sitejabber has only two reviews, so we do not have enough to draw on there. But the two available are both negative reviews!

Scamadviser has given it a low trust rating and advised that it may not be safe to use. They claim to use an algorithm that utilizes ownership details to phishing threats.

However, they give a disclaimer that this may not be conclusive enough to say it is a scam.

Ojooo Wad’s Pros and Cons


  • Easy to Use
  • Once you get past the initial getting used to, it’s easy navigating around your account on the website. It’s not the best-designed website, but it’s usable.


  • Low Earnings
  • I’ve already highlighted the potential earnings above. However way you look at it, in the end, it’s not much. I’d rather one pursues another avenue to earn money online.
  • And if you want to, it should not be your only source of income.
  • Too Many Complaints
  • There are just too many complaints about the level of service on the platform. Either some business processes are broken, or the business is run unprofessionally.
  • Transactions in Cryptocurrencies Only
  • To withdraw your hard-earned money, you have to possess a digital wallet capable of storing Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  • I don’t understand this restriction as there are more popular, widely available payment platforms like PayPal.

Alternatives to Ojooo Wad

Other websites also use the PTC (paid to click) model. If you love the concept of watching ads and you believe they can make you enough money, check out these platforms.

  • ClixSense
  • Probux
  • Nerdbux
  • PaidVerts
  • Globalbux
  • Scarlet-Clicks
  • Goldenclix
  • The-Bux
  • Silverclix

Some have higher earnings than Ojooo Wad and are worth checking out.

What I Think of Ojooo Wad & My Recommendation

My research into PTC makes me think it should be regarded as a fun activity rather than a real money-making endeavor.

I say this because the earnings are too minuscule to justify the time spent watching ads. Some may disagree, but the facts speak for themselves. I’m yet to come across members who have done it consistently over several months.

Those who embark on this quest discover soon enough the payouts are not substantial. And that’s assuming they do not get their accounts banned, as some members have expressed.

I’d prefer you look into a venture with the promise of residual income like affiliate marketing. It’s what I currently do.

It will take you some time and effort to learn the ropes. But the outcome is fruitful, as long as you do not give up.

Many others have earned 1,000s of dollars, achieving massive success that they never dreamt of. Why not start your journey today?

Have you been a member and used Ojooo Wad? Leave feedback on your experience below. Your insights will be invaluable to others contemplating this opportunity.


Is Ojooo Wad a legitimate website to earn money?

Yes, it is. I managed to create an account and participate in watching ads. However, this is not an assurance as to ethical business practices by Ojooo Wad.

What are ads for money?

Ads for money is a concept used by PTC (paid to click) websites. They invite willing members to watch ads or videos for a defined duration, say 5, 30, or 60 seconds. They then pay these members for their views.

Can I earn money by watching ads?

Yes, you can earn money by joining website platforms that offer these services. These are like Ojooo Wad, ClixSense, Nerdbux, among many others. However, note that the pay per ad is minimal. Hence you have to watch several hundred and thousands to make any meaningful amount.

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