ProWritingAid Review – Is It Any Good For Your Writing?

Writing is tough. It’s tough to craft a meaningful paragraph, let alone an entire essay, blog post, or article. There are many writing rules, but it doesn’t have to be demanding.

The best writers have high standards for their work, but not anymore. Grammar mistakes are unavoidable, but now they are easily corrected with ProWritingAid!

If you do not have the time to go through it all, here is a quick summary.

ProWritingAid meets all the requirements I’d expected out of a grammar checker. I’ve known and used Grammarly for much longer and did not expect to be impressed by an alternative. I eat my humble pie!

It goes beyond the rudimentary grammar checking function to provide utilities to check on style, repetitiveness, pacing, readability, transitions, plagiarism, and so much more. If you love writing compelling pieces, this is among the best tools.

Fulfills ExpectationsA Tad Sluggish
Useful ReportsExtra Pay For Plagiarism
Desktop App

With this software, your writing becomes more readable, meaningful to readers, and easier to understand. ProWritingAid claims this is the perfect solution for all your copywriting and editing needs.

Below is my detailed review of what ProWritingAid is all about. And if it stands up to your writing needs.

What is ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid is an application that provides editing and writing assistance to writers. Think of it as an alternative or direct competition to Grammarly or Hemingway.

It simplifies the writing of essays, articles, and reports by providing grammar checks, plagiarism detection, citation suggestions, and more.

Chris Banks created this app. He’s an avid and accomplished writer who built it to aid his work but soon discovered how it could be of use to others.

The main idea behind this software is to empower writers with the necessary tools while minimizing their effort.

Unlike other writing apps on the market, ProWritingAid is designed for writers who are serious about their work but don’t have time to do it all themselves.

How does ProWritingAid Work

One of the handy features that ProWritingAid has is the grammar checker. It scans your document for errors, and it can find those typos that humans are bound to miss.

The best part about it is that it uses an algorithm to do this, meaning that it’s highly accurate and reliable.

The goal of ProWritingAid is to provide you with a quick and easy way to proofread your work and make sure there are no mistakes in it.

ProWritingAid generates several reports to assess your written content. It ranges from grammar reports at its most basic to sentence structure, readability, diction, plagiarism, and more.

It also provides a word counter to view if your document contains the right number of words needed.

Who uses ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid was not designed with a particular set of writers in mind. Bloggers, authors, students, and copywriters can use it to proofread their written work.

Anyone looking to review their writing for accuracy can use it. However, writers who create content regularly will find it more meaningful. Some types of writing are more critical, for example, copywriting where bottom lines are at stake.

Frequent writing will result in more errors that need to be caught. It’s not everyday motivation will be at its peak.

With this tool, you reduce both the time and effort needed to edit erroneous sections of the content.

How it Can Help Your Writing

ProWritingAid has numerous features that look at all facets of your writing. It provides corrections and suggestions it deems you need to make. At the same time, it gives reasons why the suggested rectifications are justified.

Let’s have a look at these features in more detail.

Web Editor

The web editor will probably be your first point of contact when using ProWritingAid.

Once you sign up and log in to your account, you can access the editor from a prominent orange button with the text Start Web Editor. A text editor loads on the window and looks like a Microsoft Word document except for the menus.

ProWritingAid review | ProWritingAid web editor
ProWritingAid web editor

Immediately you start typing, the algorithms go to work. It analyses your words, phrases, and sentences for correctness in real-time.

It highlights every infringement of grammar rules with underlines. The algorithms underline in different colors. The colors are red, blue, orange, and purple, depending on the violation found.

Hover your mouse over the highlighted word or phrase to get insights. A pop-up appears showing the error that needs correction. And the reasoning behind it.

Besides typing on the editor, you can also copy and paste from an external source.

If you already have saved MS Word or Notepad documents with your written work, an alternative is to use the Upload a document option.

ProWritingAid review | upload a document
Upload a document

The contents of the documents will be loaded on the editor and checked by the algorithms.

The reports and suggestions toolbars can be intrusive when using the web editor to write. For a clean and uninterrupted experience, you can collapse them.

Once done writing, pull them out to see how your content is rated and make the necessary changes.

Writing Reports

ProWritingAid is armed with over twenty reports. These reports look at various aspects of your writing from different dimensions.

The reports are accessible by clicking the report icons within the toolbar above the editor pane.

ProWritingAid review | reports toolbar
ProWritingAid reports toolbar

It seems like overkill! Do not worry, as you will most likely not need all of them. In the settings, ProWritingAid states that the more reports you include, the harder it will be to understand your combo report.

The reports listed under the Core category are critical to your writing. You will need to use your judgment to determine when you feel further checking is not adding value.

I’ve listed some of these reports below.

Writing Style Report

This writing style report is one of the core reports that ProWritingAid offers. Its prime purpose is to grade your writing’s readability. In addition, it shows the writer the necessary enhancements they need to make.

ProWritingAid review | writing style report

Other aspects this report checks are;

  • Passive verbs
  • Hidden verbs
  • Style improvements
  • Long subordinate clauses
  • Passive index
  • Adverbs outside of dialogue
  • Emotion tells
  • Repeated sentence starts

That’s a lot to take in. You might even be wondering what all these are. I’m sure you are not alone. ProWritingAid has all the necessary explanations in the help section.

Just remember these suggestions are there as a guide. It’s not a must you make all these changes. You’ll have to use your judgment.

Grammar Report

Breaking the rules of a language, whether spoken or written, is usually frowned upon. You’ve probably noticed the comments following a poorly written social media post. Most readers zero in on the errors, and the message is lost.

This grammar report ensures this does not happen to your writing. ProWritingAid calls it a supercharged MS Word grammar checker.

ProWritingAid review | grammar report

It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to capture all the grammar issues that Word cannot detect. It is without exception handy to prevent embarrassing yourself with poor English.

Overused Words Report

This report is self-explanatory, and many of us are guilty of this mistake. We overuse some words sometimes unintentionally.

They are words stuck in our minds, and we end up using them more than is necessary. For example, words like very, just, also, more, maybe, among others.

ProWritingAid review | overused words report

Many readers can quickly identify articles written by rookies, which is not a position we want to be in as it carries little authority. This ProWritingAid report picks these up through this overused words report.

Cliches & Redundancies Report

Using hackneyed phrases like all that glitters is not gold in your writing reeks of a lack of imagination. Readers appreciate fresh imagery compared to the stuff they’ve read a thousand times before.

ProWritingAid review | cliches and redundancies report

Use this report to check whether you are guilty of this crime. Besides cliches, this report scans for needless words or phrases that only add fluff instead of conveying actual meaning.

Sticky Sentence Report

I’d best describe this as a way to check whether you are writing a lot without actually getting to the point.

At the risk of sounding cliche, it’s whether you are beating around the bush. Some words hold your ideas together but in themselves do not convey much meaning.

ProWritingAid review | sticky sentence report

For the benefit of your readers, use this report to rewrite your sentences to improve clarity. Aim for a glue index of 40% and below. The lower, the better.

However, ProWritingAid advises that you cannot rewrite all sentences. Some will have a high glue score, but it does not necessarily mean incorrect writing.

In the end, as the writer is the ultimate authority, you should exercise some discretion.

Readability Report

As a writer, you want your content to be accessible to readers from all walks of life. If they have to look things up to decipher your text, you have failed to communicate.

The Readability Report employs the likes of the Flesch Reading Ease Score to grade and highlights complex sentences and paragraphs.

ProWritingAid review | readability report

It checks sentence length and structure, syllable density, word familiarity, etc. It then determines what level of reader can understand your writing without struggling.

This report is more in-depth than the first Writing Style Report, which aims to improve readability but is more general.

Repeats Check Report

This report checks your content for how frequently a word or phrase repeats. We all unconsciously use certain words more times than is desirable.

ProWritingAid review | repeats check report

Readers notice this, and it is distracting. Furthermore, it gives a picture of an amateur writer.

And since this is a blind spot for many writers, you need a second pair of eyes to review your text. At ProWritingAid, it comes in the form of this Repeats Check report.

It is also handy for bloggers to check keyword density throughout articles for SEO purposes. Overuse or underuse of keywords has its search engine ranking consequences.

Sentence Length Report

The best practice for sentence length is to have a mix of long flowing sentences and short, punchy ones.

Having only short sentences may improve readability, but it will sound broken and stuttering. On the other hand, writing in long sentences only results in monotony. And the reader will surely get overwhelmed and lost.

ProWritingAid review | sentence length report

This report uses sentence variety, average sentence length, and individual sentence lengths scores to give you a picture of what part needs improvement in variety.

Pronoun Report

While pronouns are necessary for good content, repetitive use leads to a dull read. And bored readers will put your story aside.

Calculating the percentage of pronoun use manually within your articles will take too long. This ProWritingAid report automates this function for you.

ProWritingAid review | pronoun report

A desirable overall pronoun score is between 4% to 15%, while initial pronoun use should be in the range of 0% to 30%.

Transition Report

Words like also, finally, as a result, next, first, not only, similarly, etc., are called transition words.

They depict the progression of one idea from the previous to the next. These words prevent your writing from looking and feeling like independent, unlinked islands.

ProWritingAid review | transition report

See the examples below. The first one sounds weird, but the second one shows a relationship between the two sentences.

  • The baby tugged at his mother’s coat. She strapped him in his baby seat.
  • The baby tugged at his mother’s coat. As a result, she strapped him in his baby seat.

This report recommends a score of 25% and higher, meaning at least one transition word or phrase in every four sentences.

Consistency Check Report

ProWritingAid attests that picking up inconsistencies in a piece of writing is one of the rigorous editing tasks.

A proofreader needs a trained eye and lots of experience to identify these. Let this report lessen the burden for you.

ProWritingAid review | consistency check report

There should be consistency across spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, punctuation, and more. For example, you should not mix UK English with US English in the same article.

Pacing Check Report

You will realize a healthy tempo to a story if you read fiction often. Introspection is usually slow, whereas dialogue and character action are fast-paced.

ProWritingAid review | pacing check report

This report scans your writing to identify slow-paced sections. You will need to space them out as readers will find too many slow-paced paragraphs tedious to get through.

It makes more sense to creative writers than bloggers or academic writers.

Dialogue Tags Check Report

Most dialogues in written stories depend on dialogue tags to pass the character’s emotions across. It might all be grammatically sound. But to bring the story to life, consider using a character’s actions.

ProWritingAid review | dialogue tags check report

Show. Don’t tell. For example, mouth agape in shock, shoulders hunched in defeat, etc. This report helps identify this problem that might need your input to improve.

Contextual Thesaurus Report

The English language has several words with similar meanings that can replace another. The Thesaurus Report provides a means to look at alternative words that fit in the context of the sentence.

ProWritingAid review | contextual thesaurus report

Hover your mouse over the underlined words while this report is selected to see a dropdown of replacement words.

Diction Report

Diction stands for the choice of words or phrases one uses in writing. There are several different kinds of dictions. But for this post, I’ll only give an overview.

ProWritingAid review | diction report

Carefully selecting words to use ensures your communication comes out clearly. This report highlights unnecessary phrases, vague and abstract words. Replace these for brevity and clarity.

For example, the phrase has the ability should be replaced with ensures or can.

Alliteration Report

Alliteration might seem only relevant to poetry and songs in creating a rhyming effect, but you can also use it in fiction writing. It infuses creativity by creating pleasant rhythms every so often.

ProWritingAid review | alliteration report

It involves using the same letter or sound at the beginning of closely linked words. This ProWritingAid report will highlight the instances it discovers in your written content.

Homonym Check Report

A homonym refers to two or more words with similar spelling or pronunciation but different meanings.

ProWritingAid review | homonym report

They pass spellchecking but might not be correct contextually. For example, the meaning of the words bookbarkpen, and band in a sentence depends on the context.

This tool highlights all the homonyms in your document to verify correctness.

  • Acronym Check report
  • House Style Check report
  • Plagiarism report

The summary report icon assembles the several reports selected in the settings. Settings to customize this is accessible from the Settings toolbar.

The report loads on an independent overlay window, unlike the individual reports that display on the left pane. You also have the option of opening it in a new tab, but it involves lots of scrolling due to page length.

ProWritingAid review | summary report
ProWritingAid summary report


ProWritingAid provides means to integrate with other third-party text applications. It saves time and effort.

I do not like leaving WordPress when writing blog content. I prefer formatting as I write along instead of importing proofread content from the web editor.

When composing your Gmail email, you do not have to copy and paste the text back and forth to the web editor. The browser extension detects your writing activity and offers the same checking service right in your email.

ProWritingAid review | integration
ProWritingAid Integration

And this goes beyond Gmail to Facebook, blog comments, WordPress, and other web-based text elements. You’ll, however, need to install the ProWritingAid Chrome extension to enable this feature.

There’s also support for Firefox, Safari, and Edge browsers.

Besides saving time and effort, integration also eliminates formatting issues between applications. I particularly noticed this with MS Word many times.

You will need to install an add-in to achieve integration for MS Word. For Google Docs, you will also need to download the approved add-on.

Plagiarism checker

ProWritingAid Premium Plus is a lesser-known plan that costs $10 more per year than the usual Premium plan. However, it includes a critical component.

With the rapid growth and easier accessibility to the internet, plagiarism has increased. Search engines like Google penalize duplicate blog content. The consequences can even be more far-reaching when it comes to academic circles.

Can you imagine being called out while interviewing for a life-changing job or appointment years later! It has happened. So why not catch this early with the plagiarism checker.

Unfortunately, ProWritingAid only offers this service for an additional fee. The Premium Plus is aimed at academics. It comes with 50 plagiarism checks per year.

However, if you write for the web often, you will also find it useful to check for originality. For affiliate marketing, lots of web research goes into content creation. It can lead to unintentionally including others’ content work without citing appropriately.

In such a scenario, Google will be on your case when its bots crawl and index your website and find copied content!

On the Premium plan, you can also pay for the plagiarism checks. Select a package that suits you, ranging from 10 to 1,000 checks per year.

ProWritingAid review | Plagiarism checks pricing
Plagiarism checks pricing

ProWritingAid Pricing

ProWritingAid has two levels in pricing – a free and a paid plan.

ProWritingAid Free

The free version costs $0 but comes with restrictions. It’s best as a free trial or demo before you whip out your card. Or if you want to check your writing as a one-off exercise with no need for it in the future.

You can only scan 500 words at a time. If your text is longer, you will have to copy and paste it to the editor in 500-word lumps. Not ideal if your writing is longer.

You get a summary report of the central issues with access to 19 reports. And finally, you can only use it online.

ProWritingAid Premium

The premium plan costs $20 per month. There’s a 67% discount if you pay annually. $79 for a whole year’s access. The other license option is lifetime access that costs $399 with a guarantee of updates.

In addition to the benefits of the free package, the premium has the following features.

  • No check word limit
  • Desktop (offline) version
  • Extensions for MS Word, Google Docs, and Chrome integration
ProWritingAid review
ProWritingAid subscription options

Subscription payment options are by credit card and PayPal.

If you are lucky to be the holder of promo or coupon codes, you will benefit from a further discount. Check websites like Coupons for deals.

ProWritingAid For Teams

There is a separate pricing model for teams of writers. I believe this is aimed at agencies dedicated to producing written content. For example, in journalism, teams of online marketers, etc.

ProWritingAid review | pricing for teams
Pricing for Teams

Pros Of ProWritingAid

Adept At Error Recognition

  • I’ve used ProWritingAid for a short time only, but I can say I’m impressed by its ability. You’ll be surprised how much grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure issues slip your scrutiny. Even after reviewing your writing more than once!
  • And this goes beyond these basic issues to tone and style of writing – creative, business, or academic writing.
  • We all know the emotions your writing elicits are of utmost importance, especially when you intend the readers to take action e.g. sign up, provide feedback, or purchase a product. ProWritingAid is able to guide you in the right direction.

14-day Money-back Guarantee

  • You will not access all ProWritingAid functionalities on the free plan. But an upgrade guarantees you can make use of all premium features. And this costs money.
ProWritingAid Review | money-back guarantee
  • The good part is if it doesn’t meet your expectations, other commitments get in the way, or otherwise, you can request a refund. However, to qualify, you have to initiate this within the 14 days window in their terms.
  • Not every online service offers such a refund. It’s handy to have as we can never tell what will happen tomorrow. Life has a way of sometimes throwing up surprises.
  • Turning off auto-renew in your profile only affect future payments. You’ll have to contact ProWritingAid via email ( to facilitate the money-back guarantee.

Desktop App

  • ProWritingAid has a desktop version of the web editor if working in a browser is not your style. There’s both a Windows and Mac option.
  • And the good news is that you can work seamlessly with other applications like Scrivener projects, Microsoft Word, Open Office, Rich Text, and Markdown documents. You do not have to install any plugins like in the case of the web editor.
  • Unfortunately, you’ll still need an internet connection for it to work. In the case of your computer crashing, you still have access as it’s the license that takes precedence over the installed app.

Informative Reports

  • ProWritingAid comes with an abundance of reports that can seem overwhelming at first. But once you know how to customize what you need, they provide invaluable feedback to areas of improvement.

Cons Of ProWritingAid

Feels Buggier

  • It is purely a comparison to my experience with Grammarly, which feels very refined. ProWritingAid is a tad slower when processing, but I bet it’s barely noticeable for most users.
  • However, it does not affect the result. It’s still a decent application.

Can Be Overwhelming

ProWritingAid Review | overwhelming reports
  • A first-time user can easily be overwhelmed by all the reports available. Established users will not have a problem as regular use over time leads to familiarity.
  • The Goals pane feels cluttered to me. Or is it a design thing? Maybe they should make it more minimalist.
  • In my opinion, the developers should provide an easier way to go about the reports. I feel the learning curve is steeper and can drive away potential customers.

Extra payment for plagiarism checker

  • Not everyone will need this feature. But if you do, it costs a few dollars more than your usual subscription. Of course, the lesser money you part with, the healthier your expense column.
  • That’s unless you buy the Premium Plus, which comes with this feature built-in.
  • Not sure why it was designed this way. I guess these sorts of checks use costly resources or something of the sort.

Not a Content Generation Tool

  • There have been a rise in AI content generation tools over the last few years. It’s easy to confuse one for the other. This app is not one of them. ProWritingAid is purely a grammar, style, and plagiarism checker.
  • It would be intriguing to have this integrated in the future. Who knows, with all the convergence that happens within the tech space.

ProWritingAid Customer Support

You are bound to come across issues with products and services. Some of you will resolve these, while others will need to reach out to customer support.

But before you even reach out, there’s an extensive knowledge base. It covers the frequently asked questions on all aspects of ProWritingAid. They highly recommend you cover this before getting in touch for obvious reasons.

There are numerous ways to reach the support team. There’s an email inquiry form on their contact page. It looks more like a ticket-opening application. I’ve not had to use it yet.

Define your issue(s) and select the appropriate query categories.

ProWritingAid review | customer support
Email support page

The other way to connect with them is via social media. They have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

My favorite, the chat option, is unfortunately missing. I’ve never had the love for talking on the phone! What I thought was a chat window is a different version of the email option. It states We usually respond within 48 hours.

What Customers Say About ProWritingAid

We may all claim to be independent, but the social mood plays a big part in our decisions. That’s why the fear of missing out is a big theme in marketing circles.

And this is why I’m also exploring what others think of this app.

The public’s sentiment as regards to ProWritingAid is generally favorable. It simply means most users find value in what they pay for in the application.

It scores 4.4 out of 5 (as at the writing of this post) on the peer-to-peer review website G2. A small screenshot sample of the users’ reviews is as below.

G2 sample user reviews

The Chrome web store extension has an even higher rating. It’s 4.8 out of 5 (as at the writing of this post). And this is from over 3,800 users!

The consumer review site Trustpilot has eight reviews only. ProWritingAid has not claimed the profile explaining the low number of reviews.

On the general web, feedback tends majorly towards satisfaction with a few complaints here and there, which is expected.

ProWritingAid Alternatives

This ProWritingAid review will not be complete without looking at alternatives. Writing and editing software applications are numerous. But not all of them occupy the same niche. Some may not be direct competition to ProWritingAid.

An example is the Hemingway App which focuses on improving the clarity of your written content rather than grammar.

Direct rivals are Grammarly, Ginger, PerfectIt, Slick Write, WhiteSmoke, among other lesser-known applications. Features and prices will vary slightly from one to the next.

Jarvis and Rytr are still writing tools (AI writing assistants) but are focused on content generation and overcoming writer’s block.

My ProWritingAid Review Verdict

First impressions do matter, they say. Well, ProWritingAid did give me one from the onset despite a few hitches I encountered.

I prefer minimalist designs in look and feel. And this was not one of them. I guess our human biases are hard to overcome! Although I can hide the reports and goals panel away as I type, I’ll still need them for editing and getting feedback on my writing.

However, do not confuse this with functionality. It meets my expectations well. I like that I can correct my mistakes as I type along instead of doing it all at the end.

I can select the type of writing I want ProWritingAid to grade me on, which is handy. A conversational, casual blog post is different from formal academic writing in style and tone.

I, however, dislike the fact that I have to install a separate plugin to enable it to work with browsers. I’m sure not everyone is a techie. But I guess there’s a price to pay for everything!


Is ProWritingAid Better Than Grammarly?

This aspect is a contentious one. And I’m sure you’ll get all manner of opinions from one writer to the next. They are both powerful applications when it comes to assessing pieces of text.

They both offer overlapping features that do not make the decision any simpler. You will have to try both to conclude for yourself.

I prefer Grammarly simply due to its look and feel.

Is ProWritingAid App Free?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there is both a free and a premium plan. The free version is limited in features compared to the premium. However, it is still very usable with many practical elements. I recommend the premium plan if you intend to write regularly over the long haul.

Do You Have To Pay For ProWritingAid?

No. There is a free version, as explained in the prior answer. To get maximum benefit, you will have to subscribe to the premium plan.

It comes with a 14-day guarantee if you do not like what you get. Therefore, it’s risk-free.

Is ProWritingAid Any Good?

I found ProWritingAid to be competent in handling all my writing issues. And these range from basic grammar and punctuation to style and tone. It offers worthy suggestions with justifications of where it feels you need to make rectifications.

It’s still up to your judgment to determine what to change and how to change it. It does not replace a human editor, but it makes repetitive work easier.

How Much Does ProwritingAid Cost?

It costs $20 per month. But you get a 67% discount for paying for an extended one-year period over the monthly subscriptions. You’ll be charged $79 for a whole year!

If you can afford it and are sure you’ll be writing regularly, there’s also a one-time, lifetime payment of $399!

5 thoughts on “ProWritingAid Review – Is It Any Good For Your Writing?”

  1. I’ve actually been using Grammarly for over a year and recently looked into Hemmingway but your article came at just the right time as ProwritingAid could be just the ticket to get my writing on track. This was a great review and very in-depth. I like that they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee and that payment starts at $20 a month, even better with the $79 yearly subscription. What does surprise me is the added cost if you want to check for plagiarism which makes this program much more expensive than Grammarly Pro.

    A really concise review thanks.

  2. It seems like a pretty good tool to improve your writing but at the same time I do not feel like I need it. I am currently using grammarly and it has been working wonders for me. It has truly changed the way I write articles and I could not be happier. Thank you for such an informative article. I will be sure to share it around 

  3. How does it handle non-American English phrasing and writing generally?  I have found with other software that the way it is written for example in UK English, the software corrects it ‘incorrectly’ and some spelling and punctuation are similarly treated.

    For that reason I always prefer to use Dictionaries or Thesaurus to get the correct grammar and spelling.  I used, I should say tried to use Grammarly and one other that was recommended by the Institute where I obtained my MBA but I always had to correct the work myself when it came back.

    The article gives a very good summary of all the similar products and in sufficient detail to get a good feel of the products.

    The links worked well to the relevant articles I was able to access the actual products discussed.  That is why it has taken me much longer to write my comments because I checked all the links and programs out.

    Thank you for a useful and informative article.  All the best.

    • Hi, Lola. Thank you for the feedback. You can switch to the preferred English version via the settings at the top of the editor window.
      The available options are General English, British English, US English, Australian English, and Canadian English.
      Once you pick one, it will show you all the words that need correction in terms of spelling.


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