Rytr AI Writing Tool Review – How To Write Content Faster

Content writing can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially if you do it regularly. Everyone dreads writer’s block. We know it’s expensive to hire professional writers for every single task.

Content is the backbone of your online marketing strategy. It can break your business and dreams of achieving success if you handle it poorly.

With Rytr, content writing becomes a breeze. Rytr is an AI writing tool that helps you automatically generate original, engaging copies in just a few seconds.

Rytr claims its use will save you time and money on writing and create high converting content. In this review, I plan to go in-depth over what it is, how to use it, and if it fits the bill to merit a thumbs up.

What Is Rytr?

Rytr is a software application designed to generate text content. The material can be for blogs, newsletters, social media, or otherwise. Artificial intelligence powers its process. Hence its output is very human-like.

Think of it as a writing assistant that makes writing faster and easier for marketers and bloggers. But in this case, it’s a piece of code.

Rytr helps people automate their marketing efforts. In a way that makes sense in the online landscape in terms of resources.

The Rytr content generator is for use by anyone who wants to write quickly. And without putting all emphasis on content creation.

It’s not entirely hands-free as you have to guide it on what topic to generate content. In some use cases, you have to supply the keywords for inclusion.

Rytr’s Solution To Copywriting Challenges

You have your blog post topic carefully selected. You’ve already logged in to your WordPress blog and opened a draft post. The keyword research you’ve done promises loads of traffic, and you feel enthusiastic.

However, when it comes to the content writing part, your mind is blank! Your stare at the screen for a while, racking your brain, but nothing gives. Your energy starts plummeting as frustration sets.

If you are a blogger and write often, I’d bet you’ve found yourself in such a sticky situation.

Rytr’s solution to this is helping you generate written content using GPT-3 technology. It produces this content using your guidance. And it only consists of three steps.

  • Choose your use-case
  • Add some input (topics, descriptions, and keywords) for context
  • Rytr generates the content

And if the writing doesn’t meet your expectations, you can command Rytr to repeat!

It’s always better to start with some writing and flesh it out than start from scratch. You can also set the tone for your copy to meet the needs of different audiences. The right tone of voice is not always easy, especially for the untrained writer.

Rytr’s Features And Benefits

Use Cases

Blog Idea & Outline

  • It is the use case that I’ve experimented with most for obvious reasons. Blog posts are what I write most of the time. Its purpose is to generate ideas and content structure for articles. Besides choosing the tone, you have to provide the primary keyword. It is the topic you intend to create ideas for.
  • You have an option of up to three variants at one go. If you are not happy with the generated content, click on Ryte more.
Rytr review | blog idea and outline

Blog Section Writing

  • Below the title, a typical blog post consists of subtopics. This use case will be your primary go-to for the generating the actual paragraphs’ contents.
  • The section topic and optional keywords are the inputs users need to provide. Note the character limits for each text box. You still have the option of three variants.
  • A faster way to create the paragraphs’ text is using the subheading and keywords. Select these, right-click your mouse, and press on the Paragraph option.
Rytr review | blog section writing
  • The simple click results in Rytr generating the below text for you. Stellar, right?
Rytr review | blog subheading writing

Business Idea Pitch

  • Sometimes it’s tough getting bright ideas you have in your head onto paper. Effective communication should not hinder you from bringing your business ideas to life. Rytr’s Business Idea Pitch use case will assist you in this regard.
Rytr review | business idea pitch

Copywriting Framework: AIDA

  • AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. It’s an old marketing formula used widely by marketers, advertisers, copywriters, and salespeople. They use it to get attention, grab interest, create desire, and prompt action in their messaging.
Rytr review | copywriting framework - AIDA

Copywriting Framework: PAS

  • PAS is another marketing formula to connect with an audience. And stir them into action. PAS stands for Pain, Agitate, and Solve. Others will call it Problem, Agitate, and Solution. You only need to provide a product or brand description, and Rytr will write for you.
Rytr review | copywriting framework - PAS


  • It might seem far fetched but sometimes email writing can become hard. Say you want to engage an important client and you fear stepping on their feet that might cost you. You only provide the key highlights of what you want to communicate. Rytr will lighten and formulate the burden of writing such emails.
Rytr review | email

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Ads

  • I find this self explanatory. But if you are not a social media person, this use case concocts posts for use as part of you your social media marketing. Always remember to review and comply with these platforms ad terms.
Rytr review | social media ads

Google Search Ads

  • Google Ads is a great way to get the word out online. Its success relies heavily on a compelling call to action. Rytr will do the dirty work for you in formulating advertisement copy.
Rytr review | Google Ads

Interview Questions

  • I’m not sure how in demand this use case is. It seems to target recruiters and job interviewers only. Either way, its purpose is to propose interview questions for a specified work position. And since it uses AI, I doubt it will be far off the mark.
Rytr review | interview questions

Job Description

  • Closely related to the prior is the job description use case. And as the name suggests, its goal is to put forward the roles and responsibilities associated with a given job position.
Rytr review | job description

Landing Page & Website Copies

  • I want to believe this is one of the more utilized use cases, if not the most. A lot of the content that copywriters produce ends up on the web.
  • A persuasive copy is challenging to write, especially for inexperienced digital marketers.
  • To improve your chances of success at convincing potential customers, use this to generate content for landing pages and other web pages that need copies.
Rytr review | landing page & website copies

Magic Command

  • This use case lets Rytr receive commands from the user to generate pieces of content like emails, ads, blog posts, etc.
  • Honestly, I’m yet to find a use for this in the period I’ve used Rytr.
Rytr review | magic command

Post & Caption Ideas

  • Interactive social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are inclined to heavy user engagement. And for your posts to achieve this end, they need to provoke feedback from others.
  • Not everything we right on social media achieves this, but Rytr facilitates this through its AI ability.
Rytr review | post & caption ideas

Product Description

Rytr review | product description

Product Description (bullet points)

Rytr review | product description (bullet points)

Profile Bio

Rytr review | profile bio

Question & Answer

Rytr review | question and answer

Reply to Reviews & Messages

Rytr review | reply to reviews & messages

SEO Meta Description

Rytr review | SEO meta description

SEO Meta Title

Rytr review | SEO meta title

SMS & Notifications

Rytr review | SMS & notifications

Song Lyrics

Rytr review | song lyrics

Story Plot

Rytr review | story plot

Tagline & Headline

Rytr review | tagline & headline

Testimonial & Review

Rytr review | testimonial & review

Video Channel Description

  • YouTube has become a de facto channel of disseminating video content online. The more descriptive and captivating your channel’s description is, the higher the viewership you get.
  • It also boosts your subscriber numbers. Employ this use case to generate a user-friendly, SEO primed channel description.
Rytr review | video channel description

Video Description

  • This use case is the same as the channel description, but this applies to individual videos published. It optimizes the videos to make it easy for viewers to find them through search.
Rytr review | video description

Video Idea

  • You probably already know that more content increases YouTube’s channels reach. But it’s not easy to come up with content ideas all the time. Let Rytr’s AI capabilities be a shoulder to lean on in this regard.
  • As I’d mentioned before, it will not be perfect every time. Use the Ryte more button and tweak the keywords to obtain different results.
Rytr review | video idea

Create Your Own

  • Rytr recently introduced the “Create Your Own” use case. Instead of using the premade use cases, you can provide some information to customize and create a new use case unique to you. Once done, you get to save it for repeated uses in the future.
  • Rytr has a resources page explaining it here.

Editing Tools

Besides generating the content, Rytr makes it grammatically correct and readable to humans. Otherwise, the writing will be all gibberish! You can facilitate this through the use of some inbuilt editing tools.

The tools are accessible via a right-click of the mouse on the editor. You have to select the piece of text to activate them.

There are six commands as below.

  • Rephrase
  • Sometimes the generated text does not sound engaging or sensible enough. This command lets you rework any sentence or paragraph into other catchy alternatives. If it still sounds off, you can keep at it until satisfied.
  • Improve
  • This tool is all about improving the grammar and readability of the generated content using the AI’s capabilities. Simplified writing makes for an easy reading experience. Rytr claims it’s the best Grammarly alternative, a bold statement to make!
  • Expand
  • This command lengthens the selected text by adding more words and phrases. If the generated content is too summarized, and you feel readers will miss the point, this tool comes in handy.
  • Shorten
  • The opposite to the “Expand” is the “Shorten” command. Reduce a lengthy copy, full of unnecessary words and phrases, to a concise piece that is easy to read and understand.
  • Append
  • The Rytr AI, in some instances, generates incomplete sentences and paragraphs. I’m not sure why this is so, but we’ll have to live with it for now. Use the Append button to fix this issue.
  • Plagiarism
  • Not an editing tool but equally indisposable is the Plagiarism feature. But I had to put it here since Rytr has put it together with the others.
  • If you’ve been around digital marketing for some time, you must be aware of the impact of duplicate content on search engines’ rankings. This command checks your copy for plagiarism and notifies you of any matches via popup results.

Language And Tone Selector

The first order of business when you set out to generate content is selecting the language. There’s a dropdown with over thirty options, from Arabic to Vietnamese.

I’d want to believe the generated content is just as good when using the other languages. I use the English option only. The English version is US English. I assume it’s the most widely used in web content.

The next selection you need to make is the tone. The tone is the character or attitude evoked by a piece of writing. Another way to think of it is the mood it creates in a reader. Rytr has a choice of over twenty styles to choose from, ranging from Appreciative to Worried.

Browser Extensions

Instead of always copying and pasting text from the editor to other applications, there’s the Rytr Chrome extension.

It transposes all the capabilities of Rytr from its native application to any web-based functions. Creating text within Gmail, Facebook, WordPress, etc., becomes much easy.

But Rytr provides a disclaimer. The extension is still in development. Don’t expect it to work perfectly on all websites or apps. From the Rytr reviews on the Chrome store, this is very evident.

Some users report success, while others can’t seem to make it work.


The History tab lets you access content you created in the past. You might want to look at what you did that seems to work and need to repeat the same.

It shows the options you selected, the text provided, the generated variants, credits used, and the date.

Also, you get to report poor quality output here. Not all times will the return be perfect. Sometimes you will get meaningless output from the model. Rytr will use your feedback to improve the service.

Rytr Pricing

One of the significant advantages Rytr has is its pricing. Its competitors like Jarvis and Writesonic are more expensive for the same sets of features.

Rytr comes in three separate pricing plans – Free, Saver, and Unlimited.

Rytr review | pricing

The Free plan is usable as a free trial or demo of the capabilities Rytr offers. But if you create content regularly, you will hit the 5,000 characters limit very fast!

The limit renews monthly, but it’s still not enough, in my opinion.

You will have to pay to guarantee uninterrupted content generation. That’s where the Rytr Saver and Rytr Unlimited plans come in, at $9 and $29 per month, respectively.

The only huge difference is that the former has a monthly limit of 50,000 characters for content you can produce.

There’s also a Rytr lifetime deal through the daily deals website AppSumo. This Rytr offer costs $39, and most people seem to love it, at least going by the feedback on that website.

However, note this Rytr discount comes with a monthly 50,000 characters limitation. I find this fair enough.

Rytr’s Pros And Cons


  • Affordable
  • In my honest opinion, the paid plans are in all respects affordable, especially for beginner bloggers who aren’t earning yet. You do not have to splash out so much cash for a new service you are not sure you will like or use often enough. But I believe most will find it worthwhile.
  • Most Rytr alternatives charge an arm and a leg for the same services.
  • Easy To Use
  • I find the user interface intuitive enough. There aren’t bells and whistles to distract you from the intended objective. What you need to do within the Ryte editor window is definite without even referring to the Rytr tutorial.
  • Useful Tools
  • Besides the editing tools, the grammar and plagiarism checkers are handy. Your content will always be grammatically sound without duplicate content without using third-party apps to countercheck.


  • Not Perfect
  • If you thought Rytr is a cure-all, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you. Despite generating ample content output, sometimes the content is meaningless or too general for use. Human intervention is still a big part of it working well.
  • You might have to use the rewrite function repeatedly to get better results. And even after this, you’ll still have to go through the content to fact-check it for correctness.
  • Long Sentences
  • Not sure if I’m the only one who encounters this, but I always observe Rytr putting out sentences that are just too long. I end up taking a bit of time breaking them up to be more readable.

My Final Thoughts And Recommendation

Rytr may not be perfect. But it’s better than most other products in this space, especially when we put its price point into consideration.

It does a superb job of spewing out written content that saves you time and money.

I value its ability to get me over writer’s block. Sometimes, it’s hard to craft and write effortlessly on a chosen topic. At that moment, Rytr comes in handy to set the pace by creating an outline and filling it out with text.

My day gets instantly more interesting. The AI has suddenly done over 70% of the lifting! I’ve found it to be a convenient assistant to my blog posts for the period I’ve used it.

If you are a regular writer, I highly recommend you try it.

Whether you are a blogger, creative, or academic writer, let me know of your Rytr experience so far below.

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  1. WOW! honestly thanks for this suggestion and really detailed review!

    I would actually like a writer for my blog as it definitely is time consuming doing it yourself, I mean you could be doing other improvements to your site in that space of time however like you have stated I’m having a real issue on money, it is quite expensive so I think I’m definitely going to give this tool a go!

    • Thanks for the candid response.
      Rytr and the other AI writing tools cannot replace a human writer completely. But at least it complements your blog’s content creation and saves you tons of time if used effectively.


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