Social media marketing for beginners

social media marketing

What do you think about when you hear social media? The first thing that comes to mind is most probably connecting with friends on Facebook and Twitter. It evokes images of sharing memes, jokes and all that comes with interacting socially.

At least nothing serious like academics and work on the surface. Unless you switch to LinkedIn!

Contrary to what you might have at the back of your mind, social media can be used for far more productive activities. Like marketing. That’s where I bring to you the topic of social media marketing for beginners.

So what is social media marketing?

In short, it is the use of social media platforms to drive brand awareness and promote sales. It involves the use of posts, tweets, pins etc. to get marketing information out to the public. It is not a one way process though, businesses benefit from user engagement and feedback.

Chances are you might miss out on a large population of social media users by not marketing there. People tend to trust and buy from brands they’ve seen many times before.

So important has it become that jobs are created out of it. Social media managers, digital marketers being the more known full time roles. They basically create content, manage ad budgets, collaborate with graphic designers and other specifics pertaining to the digital strategy of an organization.

Note though this cuts across board and is not only pertinent to multi-person enterprises. You can as well utilize social media marketing for personal branding.

How to begin social media marketing

Let’s assume you are exceptionally good at illustrations. You believe you have a market for it out there. How do you go about creating a presence on social media? And build a large following that ensures social proof? The same strategies will apply if you are running a café or starting a photography business.

Choose a platform

Your first task is choosing a platform to start your journey. It does not necessarily have to be one, can be two or three. But since the assumption is you are a one man army it is better to start small and build on it over time.

The most widely used platform is Facebook and it’s a good place to start. It has the most followers and relatively active overall. Below is a list of the platforms you can piggyback for your social media marketing.


This is not exhaustive but are the leading social sites. Each will have its way of posting or sharing content as they are all designed differently.

Create a profile

Once you’ve settled on selecting platforms, next is just to create an account with each. This should be simple enough as you just need to provide your personal details, set login details and verify the account if required to.

It is best to create a personalized profile as humans are more biased to connect and engage with real people than phony accounts. Therefore utilize a clear profile picture of yourself.

In the bio, write a brief but true description of who you are and what you stand for. This forms a first impression with the outside world and determines if others will follow you.

In your profile, if this option is available, fill in your website’s or blog’s domain name. Traffic to your blog that you would not have otherwise received will come from these social media platforms.

Plan on content publishing and engagement

To be able to grow your social media presence you’ll have to publish content regularly. Create a publishing schedule, say something like sharing posts every two times a week or once every two days. Totally dependent on what your objectives are.

For content ideas use the same tricks you’d use for your blog content. Has to be quality content to drive engagement with users. Engagement is what will grow your brand.

To reach more people though most platforms will require that you pay for it. While it’s perfectly logical, do not fall for this trap right away unless you have a huge budget and the right set of skills. I’m assuming you are a beginner, leave this for a later time once you’ve established a foundation for your business.

Utilize schedulers

So as not to forget publishing as per your set schedule, utilize schedulers. These are applications that automate sending out your social media posts based on your set diary. They save time and make your work easier. Some examples of these tools are as below.

Sprout Social

I’ve used Hootsuite and Buffer in the past and found their free plans quite adequate for personal use. For example Hootsuite will let you schedule thirty posts in advance. Moreover, you can connect and mange up to three social media accounts.

Monitor engagement

Think of the social media marketing game as a marathon. Not a 100 meter dash. That way you’ll prepare yourself mentally for the long haul. In truth, unless you are a celebrity, it takes times to gain traction. You’ll have to test out different strategies to find what kind of message works and converts best.

The best way is to monitor user engagement and feedback to better understand your audience. Once you unearth their pain points, you can refine the postings to better meet their needs and add value.

Monitoring can as well be done through analytics from the management tools mentioned earlier.

In conclusion…

While lots of deliberate effort and decisiveness will be needed upfront, once it works you’ll reap benefits that outweigh the time and costs incurred. Hiring a competent social media manager is also a route worth exploring. They come cost effective from most freelancing marketplaces.

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  2. Social media marketing is a beast of its own. It takes time and a lot of effort to make it work but it can be a really successful venture. But from my experience you cannot focus both to blogging and social media unless you can get help. It has to do one or the other slowly grow after that.


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