How to do keyword research for affiliate marketing

Miles Beckler says that the only product he pays for is a keyword research tool. Others are optional, that’s beside the domain name and website hosting fee. He’s been doing affiliate marketing for several years. I can’t ignore his advice, nor should you since he is successful at it. Keyword research can single-handedly make or … Read more

How to drive traffic to a brand new website

When you start a brand new website, you will not immediately get traffic from search engines. Some observers estimate up to six months before Google starts ranking your content. I know, not good news. Internet marketers have said a lot about Google’s Sandbox. If you’ve not come across it, it’s a pandora’s box I’d preferably not … Read more

Four simple steps to create a successful online business

Assume I dropped you in the middle of the Sahara desert. Then I told you to find your way home. All around you are dunes after dunes. You can replace the sands with a vast ocean. Or vast ice sheets. Without instruments to show directions, it’s stretching the imagination too far. Isn’t it? The same … Read more

What is blogging good for, how to go about it

Blogging is many things for different people. Are you an individual? Chances then are you blog to share your experiences. Could you be a small business? Then chances are you are out to promote a product or service.  All these things can overlap though, for example, an individual can get into blogging for affiliate marketing … Read more

Weebly Website Builder Review, A Value Review?

Product Name: WeeblyWeb Address: weebly.comYear Founded: 2007Owner(s): Square, Inc.Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Weebly is one of the many website builders out there on the web. Like many others, it is based on the “What You See Is What You Get” philosophy. This basically means you use a visual editor to customize an existing template. There … Read more