How to succeed at affiliate marketing, four proven ways

I started my affiliate marketing journey a few months ago. By no means am I near my goals at this point. With time though, I believe I’ll get there. Along the way, I’ve got to learn so much. Mainly about technical stuff like SEO but also about how to succeed at affiliate marketing. I finally get to … Read more

How to build a website in under one minute (with video)

It’s easier than you think I used to think that building a website is a very technical endeavor. I had to know HTML, CSS, Javascript, and all manner of coding stuff. That’s until I came across this process. It only takes seconds! Mind blown. Watch the video above to know how to build a website … Read more

Godaddy Website Builder Review – Make Your Websites Sing

Product Name: GoDaddy (Website Builder)Web Address: Founded: 1997Owner(s): Publicly tradedRating: 4.8 out of 5 I first came across Godaddy some few years back when I was scouring the web for a hosting provider. All along, I’ve known it as a website hosting and domain registrar only, how things have changed. Godaddy came into life … Read more