Toloka Review: Is The Money Really Worth Your Time?

Making money is hard work. There are never enough hours in a day. It’s stressful having to work so much.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to make money online from anywhere? And without any of the hassles of commute and tight deadlines of an office job.

Toloka claims to have the best answer. In this review, I’ll go over what’s it’s all about and whether it’s the right tool to earn you money online.

What Is Toloka?

Toloka is a website where you can perform micro-tasks, and they compensate you for your time and effort.

You can do these tasks on your laptop or smartphone through the app. also, you’ll need an internet connection. You can spend the time you’d usually otherwise be sitting around doing nothing on this.

Toloka was launched in 2014 by its parent company Yandex which is a Russian search engine. The tasks are mostly analyzing data and rating web content to improve search algorithms.

The tasks are simple and do not require any advanced knowledge. All the tasks that computers cannot perform are crowdsourced through Toloka.

I was intrigued when I can across it and decided to give it a try. I like that I can sign up and perform tasks immediately without a rigorous sign-up process and training.

Is Toloka Real Or Fake?

I will not blame you for hesitating to check whether Toloka is a scam or legit. I do it whenever I encounter any new service, especially in the make money online space.

There are just too many scams using the anonymity of the web to steal from you. Nobody wants to waste their time and effort for zero returns. Or even worse, lose their data!

The good news is that Toloka is absolutely a genuine service.

They do not ask for unnecessary information unrelated to the tasks at hand on sign-up.

It’s usually a red flag for websites that want to steal and misuse personal data. For example, selling to third parties, committing credit card crimes, etc.

Also, I’m yet to come across users claiming they’ve not got paid for legitimate tasks completed. It’s enough to conclude Toloka is real. And not a fake.

It’s becoming harder for scammers to stay afloat for long on the web without being discovered. Toloka has been running this service since 2014, which is a long enough time.

How To Use Toloka

I found navigating around the website intuitive enough not to need any help.

You have to create an account to be able to work and earn. It’s pretty straightforward. Click on the prominent Join button on the website to start the sign-up process.

Toloka review | log in

When you get a login page like above, click on the Create ID button. It leads to a form where you can enter a few details to create an account.

The form should look like below. After entering the details, click on Register, and voila you are done!

Toloka review | register

You will get a confirmation code via SMS on your mobile phone that Toloka uses for account verification. The mobile number is also of service to recovery if you forget your password.

Once done, you’ll have access to the roll of tasks available. Each task has a set of instructions to follow. Read this before embarking on any task.

Toloka review | tasks

Also, some require some short training before beginning.

The first one I got required me to prove my English proficiency through an easy test that took less than two minutes.

To the right of the window are functions to filter and sort the tasks you want to view. I think they should also include a language filter for non-Russian speakers.

Types Of Tasks On Toloka

So what are the specific kind of jobs available in Toloka? I was curious about this too when I discovered this website.

They are all simple tasks really like I’d mentioned above, the downside is that it doesn’t pay much per task. But I’ll leave that for the next topic.

The tasks range from comparing and classifying images to outdoor activities like analyzing foot traffic and monitoring ads.

To make this simpler, I’ve placed a graphic of the types of tasks available below. Toloka classifies them into five main categories – Image and video, Text, Audio, Outdoor tasks, and Information and surveys.

Toloka review | types of tasks

How Much Can You Make?

Besides knowing whether the service is legit, the next big hill to climb is finding out how much it pays for your effort.

There is no standard pay across tasks. The pricing is rather dynamic from one exercise to the next. But generally, they are in the range of $0.01 – $1 per task. You will find this info besides a task.

Given that most of the tasks are simple and require only a few minutes, the pay is somehow justified.

Once you open a task, you will also find info on the average earnings per hour. You’ll realize it doesn’t amount to much even after working for eight hours straight in a day.

The more tasks you complete, the higher you can earn. Also, some tasks have zero rewards. They are pieces of training to qualify for some advanced types of tasks.

And the more skilled you are, the higher you can earn.

Just don’t put your hopes too high when it comes to earnings. It’s not money that will make you a living.

Apart from performing tasks, Toloka has a referral program. If you invite other people to the platform, you get rewarded. You earn between 5% to 20% of your referees’ earnings.

If you have a large circle of followers on social media, it’s a potential earnings route to pursue.

Toloka Training & Tutorials

Toloka review | Toloka help, training and tutorials

With online services like Toloka, you will encounter problems. Be it account login, task-related issues, payment processing, etc.

You will need help to resolve them.

Toloka has a comprehensive help center that gives info on most of the issues you will come across.

Once done, you can mark whether the resource was handy or not.

If you can’t locate the appropriate help, contact Toloka support via email.

Attach the necessary screenshot or video that explains the situation for easy resolution by the support staff.

However, I can’t seem to trace the same email feature when logged in on the desktop. Not sure why. It must be hiding under some menu somewhere.

I prefer a chat feature, but this does not seem to be available with Toloka, even when logged in to my account. The response is usually much more instant.

It also pays dividends to check feedback from other users on the web.

Use search engines for this. Other users have faced the issues you are typically facing.

Some will have solutions posted on the web that you can find invaluable. YouTube is also a great resource, but most are reviews and general experiences with Toloka.

The Toloka Mobile App

A versatile way to carry out tasks and earn is through using the mobile app.

Unlike using a laptop, you can work anywhere, like when standing on a bus or subway commute.

You only need a smartphone and your attention. And since phone screen sizes have been getting large over the last several years, you don’t have to strain your eyes.

Download the Toloka app from Google’s Play Store or the App Store if using an iPhone.

Toloka review | mobile app

I have the Android version on my phone and enjoyed using it more than the desktop version. You can use it while lying on your bed or slouching on the sofa.

It looks like the desktop website, but the Tasks and Categories hide behind menus due to the limited screen space.

The app workflow feels smooth enough. I did not encounter any bugs with use.

Getting Paid & Making Withdrawals

After undertaking various jobs or making referrals successfully, you’d naturally want to make a withdrawal. Toloka provides up to five different major payment modes as below.

Toloka review | payment modes

I believe Paypal is the most popular, at least in the western world. There’s a whole section in the help center with info on how to link Toloka to PayPal.

As long as your earnings are not under review, you can proceed to initiate a withdrawal. You achieve this by clicking on the funds in green at the top of your account.

The click opens a My money page. Select the preferred mode and follow the prompts to set everything up. Some payment modes have geographical restrictions.

Toloka advises that the process may take a few hours to days, but sometimes longer.

Toloka’s minimum withdrawal amount is $0.02 with PayPal and QIWI. But you might need to consider the charges levied to assess if practical to withdraw such a low amount.

I’ve not found any information on a withdrawal limit, in case you were wondering.

The Pros And Cons Of Toloka

The Pros

  • Simple Tasks
  • As long as you can read and write, you can undertake most of the tasks available on Toloka. You do not need higher learning qualifications or advanced knowledge like coding and copywriting freelancing jobs. It opens up the field to anyone.
  • If a long period of concentration is not your forte, then you are lucky. Most of the tasks need only a few minutes to complete. And the time limits to complete the work are favorable.
  • Can Use Smartphone
  • Toloka has an app to access the same service via smartphones. It’s not every time you will find yourself in a position to use a desktop or laptop. The smartphone app comes in handy in such situations. And that seems to be most of the time.
  • Graduated earnings
  • Toloka works on a point system that lets you accumulate points based on skills you acquire. And the more skills you gain, the better the quality of jobs you qualify for. These come with better pay per task.
  • Fast Payout
  • How fast you can receive your withdrawal is also dependent on the selected payment mode, but Toloka generally processes payments quickly. They claim a few hours to a few days.
  • However, a few users have reported their withdrawals taking longer. But this seems to be an exception rather than the norm.

The Cons

  • Low Payment
  • The payment amounts are my biggest concern. Despite being a legit service, it just doesn’t pay enough to be worth all my time. I regard it as more of a fun side thing besides the main income undertaking.
  • Just ask yourself how many tasks worth $0.03 you will have to do to generate $10. You’ll need 100 tasks to get $3. And assuming each micro job takes 5 minutes, that’s 8 hours and 20 minutes!
  • Sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture.
  • Some Training Needed
  • Not necessarily a bad thing, but most jobs require you to pass training before performing it. Some tasks are also fashioned as tasks but without any cash reward. They train you on requisite skills and prove proficiency.

Other Toloka Reviews

In compiling this review, I also checked other sources around the web to get a clearer picture of what the public thinks of this service.

My first stop was Trustpilot. It has a TrustScore of 3.6 (as at the writing of this blog post).

Not a great score, but I take it with a pinch of salt since Toloka has not claimed the profile. I believe in hearing both sides of a story before making a conclusion.

Some recent user feedback is as below.

Toloka review | Trustpilot reviews

There is also discussion on the community content website Reddit. If you are serious about Toloka, there is a subreddit called Toloka with over 700 members. There are several informative user engagements on it.

I just got intrigued by some of the discussions. Some users are not finding the pay amounts funny!

Toloka review | Reddit

Quora is also another great resource to have a feel of others’ experiences with Toloka. The information available on it will make your life with Toloka so much easier.

There are endless questions, answers, posts, and related topics by members. Ranging from the best way to go about making money to how to avoid getting banned.

Use the search feature at the top of the page to discover this.

Toloka review | Quora

As you will find out, sentiments vary widely. It’s expected as we all look at things from different perspectives. But at least one common theme is money and how much of it one can earn.

Alternatives To Toloka

There are several substitutes for Toloka on the web. And by alternatives, I mean ways to make money online since most people will be after that anyway.

They range from freelancing on online marketplaces, tutoring, selling courses, dropshipping to affiliate marketing. The list is endless. Of course, each has varying difficulties and returns.

But if we strictly focus on the microtasks arena, Toloka has head-on alternatives. I’ve listed them below. Each will have its own set of terms on how to engage.

  • Clickworker
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk (mturk)
  • TaskRabbit
  • Remotetasks
  • Appen
  • Microworkers
  • Rapidworkers
  • Hive Micro

There are other lesser-known ones of course so you might need some ingenuity in research to seek them out.

But remember to do your due diligence before embarking on work available on them. Scams are all over masquerading as genuine work platforms.

My Final Recommendation

Toloka looks very promising. It’s a genuine service run, at least as I gathered for this review, very ethically.

They have meaningful responses to issues raised by their users, except for a few here and there. I don’t expect everyone to be satisfied. That’s just how life is.

But my only big issue with Toloka is the amount of pay. I’m not saying they are underpaying for work. They are relatively simple tasks, and I’m not expecting more. It’s just not sustainable.

I’m yet to come across a user who’s done the work consistently for several months. The money is not enough even for the developing world with low living costs.

That’s why despite it being legit, I’ll not recommend it for anyone.

I’d prefer you spent a few months learning affiliate marketing. Then generate a decent, consistent income into the future.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you the room to do this with a course you can go through at your own pace. Also, the platform has all the right tools to build an online business from the ground up.

As you will discover within the platform, other members generate $1,000s per month. Why settle for peanuts then.


How Do I Get Tasks On Toloka?

It’s pretty simple. You need to register and set up an account. Refer to my topic above on How To Use Toloka.

To unlock more tasks, undertake the provided pieces of training to collect points. The more points you earn, the more tasks are available to you. It also increases your earnings.

Is Toloka Safe?

Yes, Toloka is safe to use. They do not request personal data at sign-up, nor do they collect your card information. The website uses HTTPS, and their SSL certificate is valid.

There’s extensive information on their help pages regarding making withdrawals securely.

How Do I Delete My Toloka Account?

In case you are not satisfied or simply want to move on to other things, you can delete your account.

To do so, log in to your account and click on Profile in the top menu. In the My Profile tab, there’s an Edit link you need to click to access the Edit Profile page.

Scroll down on this page, and at the lower end, there’s a Delete Profile link.

However, note you cannot restore a deleted account, so you need to be sure. You also lose any funds in your account at the time of deletion.

Does Toloka Pay Real Money?

Yes, it does. Several users have made and continue to make withdrawals. You have to do the work first to earn. You’ll be able to view funds available for withdrawal within your account.

Users have reported the first withdrawal from Toloka takes a long time due to verification procedures. But after that, the consequent ones are faster.

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  1. This has to be one of the best “make money online” sites that I have seen. The tasks are very well explained, in details, very easy to navigate in other words its user friendly, the pictures on the page show everything you need to know. not many money making sites spend time to explain and help customers understand like the you just did, I’m really considering to join Toloka. THANK YOU for the excellent review.

    • Thanks, Paul. I’m flattered! Toloka is worth a check, but I advise you to note the feedback from many users. Don’t consider it your main source or only source of income. It’s just not sustainable in the long run.

  2. Thank you for this, and it is always useful to have a list of legitimate places that one can make money online. Nobody in the world can say they can’t earn money in some way nowadays.

    However because the pay is so low, I would only recommend doing this if you are jobless and desperate or very bored, as there are quicker ways of earning an income, like waitressing.

    If you are going to be working for yourself over a long period of time, it is better to build your own online business, and this is far more sustainable over the long run.

  3. Thanks for a very comprehensive and unbiased review. After looking at the pros and cons though, I personally think the payments don’t make it a viable proposition for me. As much as they are a genuine company and not a scam, it is not for me. I believe there are other alternatives that provide the gateway to much more lucrative earnings. Ans as you said one of those is Affiliate marketing.

    Great Review,



  4. Hi Kip

    Thanks for your review! It is good to know that there is another legit platform for making money online. However, considering the low rate and time-consuming nature of the job, it is better to look at another option that is worth our time. I will look into your best way to make money online. Hope I can find something cool!



    • Thanks, Grace. First-time online opportunity seekers need to know there are many ways to make money online.
      Others that will earn them more than performing low-paying micro-tasks.

  5. Another excellent review, This one on Toloka. You are so right in says in your opinion that it takes too much effort and time for the amount of money generated. I really like how thorough you are in your reviews and that they are your honest assessment. I am glad that you checked other sources around the web to get a clearer picture of what the public thinks of this service. This helps it be a comprehensive review and shows that your judgement is not entirely based upon your own personal experience. I really enjoy that you dig and try to find all angles of whether or nor a product is worthy. I will definitely look to your reviews to ensure that I am not making a mistake before proceeding to join a site or to purchase a PROGRAM. You are earning my trust!


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