What skills do you need to build a successful business

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Have you ever taken the time to study entrepreneurs? Why do some have it easy while others seem to struggle? Leaving differences of IQ aside, it all comes down to a few attributes. A few have mastered them and continually refined them.

The good news is that we all have a common denominator. We all start from scratch. Even the most successful, making hundreds of thousands per month, begun from zero. And I’m sure several failed, not once or even twice before achieving success.

Let’s look at some of these qualities that you and I need to master to build thriving businesses online. Note an enterprise can be as simple as an affiliate marketing blog that makes you money while you sleep.

Planning and organizing

Have you ever been in a hurry to complete a task only to discover hours down the road that you forgot to factor in an essential element? I have, not once. It feels very debilitating, especially if you had other important things to do. 

I remember in my schooling years this particular advice. Please understand the question before answering. That pretty much sums up why you should not rush to do something before planning out.

The best way to plan is to think on paper. Block off some time away from distractions. Get a pen and paper and put your thoughts down. Think of the steps you need to take to achieve the goals.

For example, you intend to write a 1,000 words post. First, write out an outline. Reorder if necessary to create a logical flow. Once you have a mental picture, then you can start.

Give yourself time

Sometimes we get caught up focusing on completion rather than on the journey. The end product is vital, but one cannot achieve this without mundane, repetitive tasks.

A college degree typically takes four years to complete. Why then do we expect to build an online business overnight? It just doesn’t happen that way. 

Most people give up too early. It’s not the lack of skill, enthusiasm, or interest in learning. It just needs a reworking of goalposts. We expect success too early before putting in the necessary time and effort.

If you look around you, the most respected people in life and business are much older individuals. Look at political leaders, religious elders, business moguls, etc. They’ve taken decades to learn the ins and outs of their trade. 

Barring a few circumstances, everything else significant in life needs time. The earlier you understand this, the better. And that is why having a plan is vital.

Be curious

Curiosity landed a man on the moon. Mars is on the way soon enough. There are so many firsts due to someone being curious and investing the time to study a phenomenon. 

I read a blog post I receive on email every Sunday, and the author stated that the best gift you can give your child is curiosity. Not to say one cannot learn as an adult. It just takes some bit of work asking questions and trying to find their answers.

Curiosity ensures you have a fresh mind when it comes to looking at things anew. Business environments change constantly, so should you. 

A perfect example is ranking websites on search engine results. Some years back, you could stuff keywords in an article and rank on page one of search results. Not anymore. Search engines have become intelligent. If you are not curious enough, Google will have pulled the rug from under your feet forever.

I’d earlier written on some of the reasons why people fail at online ventures here.

Confidence in self

Humans are social beings, and we coalesce around groupings. The social group tends to influence the individuals’ way of life. Others expect conformity. It ultimately forms our identity and how we see ourselves.

We tend to listen a lot to what others think of us. It can be both a positive thing or destructive. It depends on your social group’s values. 

Positive societal values will build your character and self-esteem. On the contrary, negative values can hold one back from achieving their full potential.

It’s said, “show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are.” It’s as simple as that. How you see yourself is very much a product of the crowd one keeps.

To achieve goals, one needs to have self-confidence. You can learn self-confidence just like any other skill. It just needs deliberate action. Doing a task often builds competence. Competence leads to self-confidence.

As I’d earlier pointed out on being curious, learning ensures you acquire essential knowledge. This knowledge, when applied, establishes competence and self-assurance.


In addition to taking your time, one needs to be consistent. Consistent in both learning and doing. Throughout a career, there are so many skills you will need to learn to become fully proficient. 

And as I’d mentioned earlier, the business environment keeps shifting. Technological innovations and customers’ preferences have shaped the progression of time. Only continual learning will keep one abreast of new developments.

In addition, you need to allocate time every day to progress towards your goals. In five years, you’ll be massively ahead of somebody who decides to work when they feel like it.

"If you can't fly, then run, if you can't run, then walk, if you can't walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward." 

Martin Luther King Jr.

Consistency is probably the biggest take-home from this post. At least in my opinion. It involves the actual performance of work and the realization of goals. 

Life will always throw roadblocks on our paths. These are usually events beyond our control. The death of a loved one. A crippling illness. War breaking out. It’s up to us to keep on pushing, however slowly.

The only way we can lose is if we quit.

Did you enjoy reading this? Let me know your opinion in the comments section below. Are you looking to change your life? Maybe one day leave your job and build a business? Then better start laying the foundation today. Join this community of online entrepreneurs. Learn what it takes to create a business right from the comfort of your home.

2 thoughts on “What skills do you need to build a successful business”

  1. Hi and thanks for sharing this. I was curious also to see the flip side, so I also read your other post on why people fail at affiliate marketing. I think these are hugely important issues and well worth keeping these issues in full view. Do you also think there are some other factors that need to be mastered to succeed? I am thinking of a commitment to excellence in customer service as an example. I suppose another example would be a readiness to challenge assumptions, to reexamine and adjust a plan if what we first try doesn’t work as we expected. I absolutely agree with you that success if often also about the company you keep. One of the best ways to succeed is to find others who have succeeded in that field, hang out with them, if they will let you, and learn what they learned, and have honest discussions with yourself about how that applies to your situation. And if you are stuck, which you will be, then ask them for their advice. Best regards, Andy

    • Hi Andy, much appreciated for adding flesh to the bones. I agree with you, if you do not serve your customers well or demonstrate excellence, you are setting yourself up for a less than ideal situation.


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