Wix website builder review – is it a right fit for you?

wix logoProduct Name: WIX
Web Address:
Year Founded: 2006
Owners: Publicly traded
Founders: Avishai Abrahami, Giora Kaplan, Nadav Abrahami
Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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What is Wix for?

As economies become ever more fickle, businesses need to expand to tap into far flung corners of the globe. The first, simplest way to initiate contact is through creating a website. Honestly, how many times have you googled a brand you’ve just heard of? I bet numerous. I do it all the time.

Wix, a website builder, claims to have the magic bullet to help you accomplish this objective. Whether you are starting a business, promoting an established brand or creating a blog.

Furthermore, should you have zero coding skills, the Wix website builder provides a drag and drop feature. Consequently saving you on time and cost and of hiring and dealing with a website designer.

Having been around for over a decade I believe is enough proof of their product’s resilience. But having various other competitors in this field, like WordPress and Weebly among others, it is worth a review.

Target Group

wix target groupI’d want to believe there is no segmentation in the building websites industry. Is that a safe assumption? Not sure.

Wix seem to validate that thought though. They claim to serve everyone in need of creating websites services, whether an individual or a large corporation.






Let’s get matters money first before we delve any further. While it is possible to use Wix for free, to unlock it’s full potential you will have to pay for it. How much you ask? Well their plan is divided into two categories; i) website plans and ii) business and e-commerce plans.

  • Website plans

As Wix defines, website plans are for showcasing a professional site. Mainly portfolio work from all facets of professional life – writers, designers, financial advisors, etc. The list is endless. Also should you be entertaining the though of creating that affiliate marketing website then this will do.

Startups and enterprises can also use this to let the world know about their products and services.

This category is further segmented into four plans.

    • VIP
    • Unlimited
    • Combo
    • Connect Domain.

VIP is the costliest but with the highest specifications while Connect Domain is the least priced but with the least features. See screenshot below.

business plan

As evident above monthly prices range from US $4.5 to US $24.5. Wix states the Unlimited plan as the most popular. I believe the most recommended as well. However since it is a yearly billing, if you are starting out for the first time no need jumping into this wagon based on being a popular plan only.

  • Business and e-commerce plans

This categorization is for websites that take or accept payments for products and services. The plans under this therefore comes with e-commerce features that enable online shops. However it increases complexity by requiring heighted security in handling payments hence the need for a distinct category.

In contrast to the prior grouping, the business and e-commerce set has three plans under it.

    • VIP
    • Unlimited
    • Basic

At the top level the differentiating factors being limits on storage space and hours of video. The rest plays out at the e-commerce plugin level. See screenshot below.

ecommerce plan

Lastly as the graphic above portrays, the business set of plans  is fully fledged and robust to support business transactions. So if you are thinking of monetizing your product or service right from the site these plans are the better ones to sign up on, or upgrade to.

Product features

Now that we have pricing behind us, let us drill down to the features and if it is worth the cost.

Website design

First and foremost is the most basic of course. Ability to create a functioning site. Wix provides three routes to go down to end up with a complete site.

wix 3 design styles

Wix Editor

In the first instance you have to select the kind of website you want to create. There are a number of options like blog, beauty and wellness, photography, music, portfolio among others.

With the Wix Editor it is a matter of editing an existing template to your liking. Example below shows the tools in the editor available to customize the page. Note also the text and images are only placeholders and you can change these to your desire.

wix editor

You also have the option of using a blank template with only a minimalist, classic or other layout and work your way from scratch.


Alternatively, if you are not confident of your design skills, pressed for time or the Wix Editor seems too much for you then try out the Wix ADI.

In the Wix ADI answer on the type of website you want to create – there’s a drop down with several options. Next select features you want for your site and provide the name for your business or site. Respond to whether you would like to import images and text from a previous site and lastly pick a theme you like.

There’s still room to play around with what you end up with to suit what you have in mind.

Wix Marketplace

The third and final way to creating your website is through hiring a professional. And it is not limited to only creating a site. You may be in need of promoting your business through SEO, adding an online store, graphic design services among others. All can be outsourced to a pro with the Wix Marketplace.

Charges will vary from project to project depending on what you need done and its complexity. You’ll have to request a quote to know the actual cost.

Additionally, all the designs, no matter the route you decide to take, are optimized for mobile.

Domain name registration

Wix has taken an integrated, all-in-one approach to the business of building websites. Consequently putting together all services and tools you’ll require in one platform. An important one being domain name registrations.

wix domain name search

Just like residential addresses, a domain name is your unique online address where you can be found. A distinctive name is the foundation of your online presence.

With the exception of the most basic Connect Domain business plan, you get a one year free domain voucher when you sign up to a yearly premium plan.

Web hosting

All websites created on Wix are hosted for free. They provide reliable website hosting at a claimed 99.9% uptime. Furthermore, as your site grows and receives heavy web traffic, you can upgrade to a higher plan.

This accordingly ensures your site benefits from higher storage and bandwidth.

wix hosting

Wix takes care of everything hosting related in the background for a seamless website setup.

SEO tools

This is probably the top feature when looking for an effective website builder. That is if traffic matters to your site’s monetization objectives.

Everyone knows that to effectively market your offering you have to be found. SEO makes sure your site get to be seen by potential customers on the web through targeting. This is achievable by optimization for search engines to find you and direct relevant traffic.

wix seo

With Wix you get full control on modification of meta tags and can be applied across multiple pages simultaneously. Additionally you get a Robots.txt editor, ability to add your own schema markup, redirects among other SEO features.


To effectively manage your online business you need access to actionable analytics. Wix has a dashboard from which you can access all these.

Should you need to make any remediation to an aspect that you think is not converting well, it can only be backed by metrics from the analytics. Going forward you can track the impact that change has had on your business.

wix analytics

Solutions by industry

There are some aspects of business that are particular to only a subset of some types of business. Reservations and online ordering in restaurants, selling events tickets, selling your music online are just but a few examples. The industries that Wix expressly states to cater for are fitness, events, music, photography, hotels and restaurants.

Logo maker

This is self explanatory since all brands need an identify. Look at all major brands around you, from Coke to Tesla, all bear a logo that uniquely identifies them. In the same way, use the logo maker that Wix provides to create your own unique identify – if you don’t have one already. Follow below steps to create one.

logo maker

In my opinion this is not really a necessary feature or a particular selling point since you can get professional branding for cheap from design crowdsourcing sites. But hey it’s still free!


Like any respectable professional business should be, Wix has reliable customer service. For starters there is a help center. It has a comprehensive listing on all aspects of site creation and extras.

If you need further assistance, as had been depicted in the pricing section, there is 24/7 support to resolve your issue. Wix is also present on all major social media brands for continual updates on the product.

Sites built on Wix

Now that you know a good deal about Wix now you’ll be asking yourself who uses this website builder. Millions of websites are actually built on it. It is not hard to find good examples of these.

While it is not easy to find posts of Wix blowing their own horns, their is a menu with design inspiration celebrating women in business.

It is a long list so I’ve only picked a section of it as below. You must say this website builder does really keep its end of the bargain as far as visual appeal is concerned.

built on wix

Thumbs up

Easy to use

Wix has come a long way since its inception and lots of improvements have been made along the way. One such enhancement is the usability for any layman. You do not need to know any HTML, CSS or JavaScript to create a fully functioning website.

The drag and drop feature makes workflow much easier since you immediately get to see how your site will look like. And make changes where necessary.

Variety of templates

Availability of hundreds of templates to choose from makes sure there’s something like what you have in mind in as far as visual appeal is concerned. If not, at least something close. These are further grouped by industry so as to be easier to locate the perfect template.

Integrated services

Having domain registration and hosting services in one platform saves on the back and forth between different providers. This lets you focus of the design side as other things happen behind the scenes.

While convergence has become the industry de facto, it is still noteworthy as supplementary services are free, with conditions of course.

Thumbs down

Templates not interchangeable

All products have a downside to them, no matter the effort and time put into them, Wix notwithstanding. If you’ve used WordPress previously you’ll know of the themes interchangeability at the touch of a button.  Not so with Wix unfortunately if that’s a feature you treasure.

If you want to change the look and feel to a different template, you’ll have to rebuild it from scratch. It’s just the way it is with this website builder.

But given the continual improvement path Wix has been on, who knows, may be this might be possible sometime on the future.

Site not transferable

Assuming you get a better deal or just want to try out another host you’ll be disappointed. Wix’s business model does not allow transfer of already built site with Wix to be transferred to another provider since you do not have access to the code behind the visual editor.


Given that Wix has been refined a lot for the good since it’s inception, I’m tempted to fully back it. But my first dive into building websites was with WordPress, therefore the issue of interchangeability does not sit pretty with me. I love the ability to change looks once in a while without breaking anything.

Furthermore there’s the issue of site transfer.

Nevertheless it is still an outstanding website builder in my opinion and deserves a positive credit. The two cons do not much stand in the way of Wix from a top level perspective. Additionally, it comes with lots of important bells and whistles to boot – analytics, e-commerce extension, business email etc.

A portfolio, blog or even an online store will sit pretty well on the stunning layouts and animated graphics.

Start with a FREE trial here. Have I left something important out? Let me know in the comments below, as well as what you think after trying it out.

4 thoughts on “Wix website builder review – is it a right fit for you?”

  1. I started using Wix back in 2016 and still use it but only on the free plan. One reason being it’s costly, at least for me but others might prioritize Wix over other builders and hosters because its just all in one package. They give you everything you need to build any kind of website.

    The only thing I don’t like about Wix in free plan is their ads and domain advertising. The free domains are too long. before people see your domain name, their eyes always get caught on Wix domains.

    Overall its a great builder and I would recommend it to others to atlesat start with a free plan.

    THanks for sharing the valuable info mate.

  2. Thank you for this detailed review of Wix website builder. They do seem to have some very affordable plans, specially if you have an ecommerce site where you need to receive payments or reservations. I am currently using WordPress, and I do like the fact that I can play around with different themes, so that would be an issue for me when it comes to Wix. The fact that you cannot transfer a Wix website, would also be a downside. But who knows, maybe that feature will be added in the future.

  3. Hi Kip. Thank you for very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing and posts like this are extremely useful. To be fair I haven’t heard before about Wix, but looking on your review it seems as a great option. It has very nice layout, there are multiple templates available and price is really reasonable. Looking forward to test it in practice.


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