Work From Home, How To Set Yourself Up To Earn Online

work from home

Usually, some things need to align to benefit from an opportunity. And this includes a work from home situation making an income.

If you are reading this, I assume you want to replace a lost income. Or supplement an existing one. Or also cover increasing financial obligations.

There’s no shame in losing a job. It’s just part of human living.

What you should not do is wallow in self-pity. Thank yourself for taking action by looking at alternatives.

From social media, you’ve probably come across some of the avenues to working for yourself.

I’ve already talked about them in an earlier post, earn a living working online. That’s not what I intended to do today.

I intend to address the mindset portion and tools. Everyone knows, without the right attitude, you will not achieve the intended income results. Or fall short at best.

It usually leads to frustrations and regrets about lost time, taking your self-confidence down with it. Nobody wants to be there in the first place as it takes more effort to climb out.

Planning and organizational skills

planning and organization skills

Ever since childhood, parents and teachers have advised us on being organized. Make your bed. Groom yourself. Don’ forget your homework.

Then, adults seemed like the ultimate antagonists to having carefree fun. However, as you grow up, you get to appreciate their upbringing. They instilled invaluable lessons.

What do all these have to do with making an income?

It will become clear shortly. Hold on if you are lost.

Planning starts with having a clear mind of the objectives, how you will undertake them. And what skills we need to acquire.

Write everything down

How many times do you forget something you intended to do? Many times I can attest for myself.

In fact, in the information age we live in, it’s even worse. There’s just an overload of information. And interconnectivity just made life that much faster.

Some can be trivial with not much impact. But some can have a domino effect leading to adverse consequences. Like forgetting your wife’s birthday!

You’ll probably come across lots of ideas carrying out your research online. You want a way to record all these for further analysis and reference later.

My personal preference is a pen and notebook.

Dumping your mind on paper also gives your brain wiggle room to deal with emerging issues that need immediate attendance.

Furthermore, note down goals, timelines, skills you’ll need to develop, unexpected hindrances, etc. These shape the picture in your mind.

Have a proper and safe working space

I did not appreciate a proper working space until when the pandemic hit. My employer told us to work from home.

That’s when I discovered slumping on the coach is not an option when working on a laptop! The dining was great for sitting upright, but the location was off. I have an open space home, but the kids were home too. You all know how that goes.

For anything serious, like starting and working on an online business from home, you’ll need comfortable sitting and uninterrupted time. A study room is ideal if you are lucky to have one.

I don’t have lots of room where I stay. I bought a small desk and an office chair and barricaded myself in the bedroom. At least I have a view from the window.

You’ll probably be spending lots of time seated. Therefore your posture needs the most support.

Don’t forget to take a break every so often. Stretch your body and move around.

Be wary of time-wasters like the TV and social media. Since there’s no boss to watch over your shoulders, you need to practice self-discipline.

That’s why having everything clearly in your mind is so important.

Leverage productivity apps

I sometimes find myself with time but without my laptop. Like during a commute. Lots of ideas come flooding that I need to put down.

Or do some research and work on that unfinished blog post.

My go-to gadget is my smartphone. I’ve deliberately trained myself not to spend too much time on Instagram. I’m slowly winning that battle.

I installed Google Docs from the Play Store. It has always met my writing needs, but there are equally capable alternatives depending on whether you are an Android or iOS enthusiast.

When I get back home, there is no hustle of connecting the laptop and smartphone to transfer files. I log into my Google Drive account and voila, the document is there!

Evernote is also a highly regarded app in keeping yourself organized space.

There are various categories of productivity apps you can leverage. However, all perform the same function – create more value for the same unit of time.

Be conscious of time

As humans, we always default to spending time on the things we find comfortable.

We find them easy. That’s just the way the mind is wired. Interacting with people on social media is easy. Binge-watching the TV is easy. It’s what we’ve been doing all our lives.

However, as we engage in these mundane activities, time passes by. Time we cannot recover. It’s the only finite resource we have in this world.

To be successful at earning an income online, you’d better manage your time better.

You might be at a loss about how to go about it. Simple, it takes practice, lots of it.

And just like going to the gym for the first time, it’s going to hurt. We are not naturally inclined to change. We love consistency. So don’t blame yourself.

The good news though is that doing something over and over breaks down the resistance to change.

With time it becomes a habit. As I’d previously mentioned, work from a to-do list. Prioritize and allot time for tasks. It will not always work as you’ve planned, but you’ll get the important stuff done.

Also, remember to prioritize your business. Lots of people will try to get in the way. You have to learn to say NO.

Be proactive

be proactive

People get one aspect of motivation wrong. That you have to wait for it to find you, that’s not true. And if it is, athletes would have a hard time delivering their best week in week out.

You have to create your motivation.

Mark Manson highlights the Do Something principle in his book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.

He emphasizes that taking action, however small, creates an emotional reaction and inspiration. It then leads to motivation which is the energy that drives our action.

It’s an endless loop like the infamous recycling symbol.

Consider the consequences

Most of us are not jolted into action when we are comfortable. However, the opposite happens when life drops you into the deep end. Like your employer laid you off.

We are driven by the avoidance of pain rather than seeking pleasure.

Use this psychological knowledge to your advantage. What will happen tomorrow if I don’t pursue this online business path today?

My dependants will probably suffer as a consequence of underprovision. I might lose the respect of my family and peers. And so forth.

This will for sure stimulate your brain into action. I use it all the time when I feel lazy, and it works.

Take responsibility for the outcomes

Everyone loves taking responsibility for the wins. Nobody wants to take ownership of failures. If we can’t blame the other party, we blame inanimate objects – the economy, the weather, etc.

It is so common in workplaces. We fear the consequences of failure. Warnings and dismissals are not pleasant, so why take the blame?

However, when we do not acknowledge it, we hardly learn lessons. We’ll keep repeating the same mistakes.

When working alone, it’s much easier to get frustrated when things don’t go your way. But accepting the bleak outcomes lets us find better and creative ways to solve problems.

If you’ve been dipping your hands into freelancing with little return, don’t blame the platform. Find a different angle to approach it.

Get over failures first

I’ve been a tennis fan for a few years now. In 2016, some pundits wrote Novak Djokovic off. Despite being a top-ranking player in the tennis world, he was struggling to win matches.

Furthermore, he’s always in public when playing. It adds to the pressure with all the eyes on him. However, like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes, he rose out of it.

And he’s dominated to this day, over five years down the road. I need that kind of mental toughness.

That’s just an example of how failure should not put you down in your pursuits. We only fail when we quit.

Once you accept that it has happened and it isn’t a sign of things that have not happened, you’ll have a clear mind to try again.

What we consider as failures should instead be called lessons. We’ve eliminated one way of how not to do it.

I always see budding affiliate marketers say this is not for them after experiencing setbacks. I ask them how long and how many times they’ve been doing this. Certainly and always not long enough to arrive at that conclusion.

Learn everyday

learning and study

How far you can go with making money online will be determined by the length and breadth of the skills you develop.

You do not have to know everything. But at the initial stages, with a limited budget, you’ll probably be a jack of all trades. It’s negotiating with clients (probably difficult ones) and doing the actual work paid.

However, to experience freedom, you have to move away from trading your skill for money. The ideal place is to make money while you sleep.

You’ll need to learn a lot of new concepts and at the same time practice them. For example, how to scale a business, delegate effectively, and leadership functions.

But before you even get there, you’ll need to learn the basics of dealing with one-to-one clients. An example is in the freelancing world.

However, I have a preference for affiliate marketing. It has a higher probability of being automated. And it’s the most advised for passive income.

Technical skills

All successful online marketing influencers seem to have their hands in everything. YouTube. Podcasts. Content marketing. How did they know how to have such a considerable following on all these platforms?

Simple, learn.

There’s a vast library that is the internet. You, however, have to be picky as not all information is accurate or worth the price.

For a non-techie, you’ll need to learn some technical skills to thrive. The good news is that you do not have to do it all overnight.

Some of what you need to learn include;

  • Building and troubleshooting a website
  • Niche selection and keyword research
  • Writing content
  • SEO and generating traffic

When new, these might all seem otherworldly and unachievable. That’s understandable. But as I’d said earlier, baby steps are what matters.

Try to picture what you can achieve in six months or a year.

Pat Flynn makes over $100,000 a month online. He says the common denominator to us all is that we start from scratch.

Soft skills

Soft skills cover abilities that enable you to deal with other humans amicably. Like communication skills and social skills mostly.

While affiliate marketing may not need soft skills like face-to-face customer service, it is still customer-centric.

How you deal with your audience will show through your written blog content, YouTube videos, or podcasts. If you come across as cocky, you’ll alienate the audience.

These are skills we already possess. We communicate every day. However, in a critical business environment, we cannot afford to make common mistakes.

That’s why studying some bit of psychology is also important. It helps us understand people more hence pass our message across without being misunderstood.


Now that you know what you need to do, the ball is in your court. Once your mind absorbs everything, which frankly will take some time, everything will flow so smoothly you’ll be surprised at yourself.

It all boils down to the daily routines that you adopt. That’s planning your day, actively doing those activities, and learning – both from experience and taking courses.

There will be setbacks along the way. Every rational person expects that. You’ll get sick or need to take time away to attend to a loved one. Or work might get overwhelming.

My advice is to get back on the horse as soon as you find a window of time, even if it’s ten minutes, to attend to your business.

Time is a great enemy, and the longer you stay away, the rustier what you’ve already acquired will be.

If you take consistent action, chances are very high that you’ll create a constant income. An income that scales with time, unlike a paycheck.

It will lead you to the long dreamed of but elusive freedom. Who wouldn’t want that?

If you have the time and feel ready to tackle working from home, check out this course that teaches the basics of online entrepreneurship from scratch. The first ten lessons are FREE. All the best.

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