How to uncover profitable keywords with the Jaaxy research tool

Once you’ve created your website, your next big task will be coming up with content. While you might already have the kind of content in mind, there’s a step you should not skip. This step is keyword research, best performed by using keyword research software.

However, there’s a downside to most keyword tools. Despite the extensive features, most suffer from inaccuracies when it comes to the numbers they display.

Enter Jaaxy. Jaaxy, unlike the others, is trusted at giving uninflated numbers making it the one-stop SEO keyword list generator. This ensures the content you publish is backed by reliable data as far as ranking in search engines is concerned.

How to perform a search and build a keyword list


  1. Insert your desired search term in the text box above.

You will get a list with results populated like in the screenshot below. These are keywords related to the term searched.

keyword search results
  1. Next click on the “Get QSR” (I’ve explained the meaning of this term below). This number will be populated in the QSR column. You’ll have to do this for all the keywords.
  2. To easily compare, whether in ascending or descending order, click on any of the highlighted column headers. For example in this case I’ve used the QSR in descending order. This consequently gives a list in order of descending competition for these keywords.
ordered keyword search results
  1. Once you’ve gone through and got some keywords that you’d like to target, save them by building a list. Makes future reference much easier instead of repeating the same exercise all over again. This is achieved by checking the boxes to the left of a keyword.
save keyword list

After selecting the keywords you want click on the “Save to List” and give it a name. To save any additional keywords choose “Existing List” to locate the already created keyword list.

Note this is not a very stringent process, you can get a bit creative and still drill down. Use the results as phrases to generate more results and further build a longer, more comprehensive list.

  1. To access the saved lists in future just click on the “Saved Lists” in the top menu.
saved keyword list

From here you have the ability to view, rename, delete or export it and save it offline on a file on your laptop.

Metrics to keep in mind


This number indicates the number of times that particular term or phrase is searched per month on average. Of course, traffic will vary from month to month hence the average. The higher the number, the more traffic you will receive for ranking under the keyword.


Traffic, closely related to the first metric above, is the likely traffic your webpage ranking under this keyword will receive. That is if it shows up on the first page of the search results which is the ideal situation. It is important to also note that search engine users do not open all pages that they come up hence this being lower than the Avg.

Put a lot of thought in your meta description to catch attention and increase the click-through rate.


It stands for quoted search results. This is the most important metric when selecting keywords from the generated list. It basically means the number of competing web pages that contain this specific keyword that is ranked by search engines.

The higher the number, the difficult it is to rank on page one of the search results. Especially when your blog is relatively new. Therefore aim for keywords with a hundred or less QSR.


This is short for keyword quality indicator. KQI indicates the grade of the keyword into Great (green), Normal (yellow/orange), and Poor (red) based on its suitability as a keyword to rank under.


The higher the SEO score the higher the chances to rank on the first page of the search engine’s results. It is an indicator based on competition and traffic that a particular keyword receives.

Additional features

While the basic premise of a reliable keyword research tool is mining and returning relevant data on keywords, Jaaxy goes a step further. There are additional features, equally important, as below.

Alphabet soup

The alphabet soup search feature is a way of discovering more keywords related to the root phrase. It steps through the alphabet from A to Z and displays results in alphabetic order. This is important in discovering other less competitive keywords that are easier to rank for compared to the root keyword.

Site rank

Where your page ranks for a particular keyword in the search results is important to know. It shows the position in Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines. This feature also helps you spy on the competition and discover insights into what they are doing that you might benefit from. Tracking particular keywords over time is also a feature of Site Rank.

Domain search

When you perform a keyword search, Jaaxy automatically adds a column for related domain names for each result. This includes information on their availability and pricing for each of the .com, .net, and .org top-level domains.


At this point, you might now be wondering. How much for all of this? Affordable is my answer.

If you are already an internet marketer with some clout I’d advise you to go with the Enterprise plan. It will power your keyword research. And as a consequence, your traffic will skyrocket. Same as your commissions. At only $99 per month, you are getting a great deal.

For beginners, I recommend the Pro plan. It is still very capable save for a few features reserved for the Enterprise. I advise Pro because as a beginner you are yet to get into the zone where you’ll be doing keyword research at scale.

You’ll probably be dabbling in many subjects at the same time. How to create readable content, generating initial traffic, etc.

The Pro plan is at a rock bottom $49 per month.

You can however still start with the Starter plan but you’ll exhaust the 30 free searches very first.

Jaaxy keyword research tool pricing

One-stop SEO keyword list generator in conclusion…

Basically, that’s all you need to come up with a comprehensive keyword-heavy list. This will ensure your blog receives targeted web traffic. And on top of this, have enough content ideas for a long time down the road. Let me know what you think in the comments section below and of any prior experiences in keyword research you had.

This is the external Jaaxy search page once more had you not made use of the search plugin at the start of this post.

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  1. Hello Kip, Keyword research is very important in writing content that will rank well in search engines. Jaaxy is a really helpful and accurate tool to search for keywords. It`s easy to use and comes with many helpful features, like the Search Analysis which allows you to take a detailed look at your competition. Jaaxy gives you all the data necessary for writing SEO friendly content, and that really makes it Your one-stop SEO keyword list generator.
    Regards, Debora

  2. Doing a keyword research is also important. From the beginning I wasn’t really experience and I learned my lesson. It affected my site.

    When I started to take it serious I saw the big impact it had on my site. Before I didn’t get any visiters but now I am getting more, and it’s increasing.

    Jaaxy is very good. It’s easy to use and I will definately stick with it.  I recommend it for everyone to use. 

  3. Hi, 

    This is a useful article for me. I can learn more about how to use Jaaxy, so I know how to make the great keyword to the Save list. Furthermore, I know more about “Metrics to keep in mind”.  it will be good if you can add more numbers for indicators bad or good, for example, AVG is more than 30 monthly search is great, The Traffic, QRS, etc…

    Best wish,


  4. Hi Kip. Thank you for interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing, and now Im well aware how overwhelming may be to learn everything what is needed. And understanding SEO is one of most important aspect of this business. Without knowing how searching engine works its impossible to generate traffic and gain customers. Still learning Jaaxy, and your post is very helpful to understand it better.


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