ySense Review: Real or Fake, How Much Can I Earn?

ySense review

There are many ways to make money online. One of them is taking part in surveys. ySense is among the many providers that offer this service, besides a few other ways to put money in your pocket.

But if you’ve been in the online space for some time, you know that not all is as it seems. Many genuine-looking websites turn out to be scams. That’s why I took my time to look into this opportunity to find out if it’s real or fake. And the result is this ySense review blog post.

I cover all about ySense – what it is, how to join, how much money one can make, whether it’s worth your time, and so much more.

Let’s get rolling.

What is ySense and How Does it Work?

ySense describes itself as an online rewards website for people looking to earn extra money. It serves to connect market researchers who rely on the power of consumers for insights to the general public.

ySense did business before under the name ClixSense. But it rebranded for some reason I cannot trace. Some speculate it was due to acquisition by a new company.

what is ySense

Besides facilitating researchers’ needs, it rewards people who take their time to provide actionable insights.

It works by one simply signing up for the service. Next, perform the tasks available. And finally, get paid. But this is easier said than done as you will discover further ahead. Some members have expressed their strong opinions publicly.

Is ySense Real?

From the onset, ySense does not hide its identity as some entities do online, mostly with ulterior motives. ySense is owned and run by Prodege LLC. So it is easy to put a face on the service.

Prodege is an online marketing and research company based in El Segundo, California. It was founded in 2005 and currently has a headcount north of 600. ySense is among the many enterprises it runs.

Is ySense real

As I’d earlier mentioned, ySense existed as ClixSense. ClixSense was established in 2007 as a simple pay-to-click website. It underwent a change of business model over the years to what it is now.

Over 13 years in business is no mean feat.

If you are wondering whether ySense is real or fake before joining, now at least you have some background info that it’s real. We can safely conclude ySense is a legitimate business entity.

But can I trust ySense, you ask? It gets a bit foggy here since there’s no one overwhelming answer to this. From what I’ve gathered, there are varying member experiences.

I’ll delve into this more under feedback from members.

How to Join ySense

The first step to joining ySense involves signing up for an account. Get this done through the ySense sign-up section on the home page.

Enter your email address and a password. Next, tick the box below the ySense password field, if you so wish, to receive promotional content on email.

how to sign up for ySense

After this, click on the Join Now button to register on ySense.

ySense will prompt for this through a dialog box consisting of three steps. These need filling in some personal data.

The first step is filling in a first and last name like in the screenshot below. Click on the Next Step button to proceed.

In step two, choose a username for your account. Click on the Complete button once satisfied with your selected username.

The last step is only a thank you message that you have entered your details correctly. But before ySense finalizes setting up your account, there is one other step – privacy settings.

ySense review

At the least, you should agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Lastly, click on the Agree and Continue button. This action logs into your account. You’ll notice a message alerting you of the need to verify your account. ySense emails this to the address provided during the sign-up process.

ySense review | ySense email

Access your email and click the link provided to activate your account. Once you do this, the message in your ySense account disappears when refreshed or when you log in afresh.

How to Use ySense

After successfully setting up your ySense account, do all subsequent logins via the Sign In button at the top right of the home page.

You can also choose to check the Stay signed in checkbox if you access your account frequently.

Once logged in, peruse your account for available surveys, tasks that range from watching videos to trying new products, among many more.

Also, track the tasks completed, earnings and commissions made, referrals, etc., under the Total earnings section.

ySense review

That’s pretty much it with how to use ySense. It’s very routine, and you’ll hardly deviate from this.

How to Make Money on ySense

I’m sure this topic is of topmost interest among many. The intent was to earn money. Right?

There are three primary channels to make money on ySense, but several other ySense tasks exist, especially under Offers – like watching videos.

Let’s have a look at these further below.

ySense Surveys

ySense survey tricks

The first and primary way to earn cash on ySense is by taking part in surveys. Surveys seem to be popular with many GPT websites.

Many companies use consumer behaviors, biases, etc., to improve their products and services or launch new ones.

Goods manufacturers and services providers are willing to pay for these insights if it makes their products more competitive.

But before one can start getting paid for participation in surveys, there are Routers to perform. They are sets of 10 questions that build a profile that ySense uses to match you to surveys. It pays $0.02 per set.

Before you embark, note this disclaimer. Employing phony survey tricks might get you banned.

ySense survey review

However, I wish they’d put a progress bar or some sense of how many sets of questions were left.

Many people who’ve signed up to partake in surveys have had mixed experiences, from smooth sailing to downright quitting. I’ll highlight these below.

I’m also skeptical about whether you can make any real money from surveys outside the Western world. Since these brands that source consumer feedback mainly operates within these regions only.

ySense Offers

ySense review | offers

Besides the surveys, ySense has a section named Cash Offers. Earning money is through performing different types of small tasks.

Some tasks that I’ve come across are;

  • Testing products
  • Downloading and testing apps
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Surveys

ySense provides most of these through third-party digital marketing platforms like aye-Studios.

ySense review

As you’ll notice, most tasks list a few cents as the payout. You’ll have to take part in many to earn anything substantial. I have my reservations when it comes to making money this way.

Not to be overcritical or anything, but for how long can one sustain it? Is your time worth cents?!

In my opinion, these should be fun activities. Not for income generation. Or at least not the primary means of taking care of one’s expenses.

ySense Refer and Earn

ySense refer and earn

The last among the main ways to earn on ySense is referring the same opportunities to others.

When you set up an account, ySense also creates a unique ySense referral code embedded in a link. Share this link with friends and contacts. Once you promote this link and members sign up, ySense credits these referrals to you.

The commission amounts vary by type of activity, referral country, and the number of active referrals one signs up.

ySense referral code

One earns referral commissions in either of two ways;

  • Signup Commissions
  • Note ySense does not credit signup commissions immediately. ySense only deems the referral as valid once they perform at least three actions over three different days.
  • These checks prevent members from gaming the system for quick but undeserved cash rewards.
  • Activity Commissions
  • The more active your referrals are, the more you earn. Simple enough?

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make using your account. However, I wish they provided ySense banners to easily promote on blogs, forums, email, social media, etc.

How Much can I Earn from ySense?

ySense claims to have paid over $621m to members over the years. Additionally, they claim members also redeem 7,000 gift cards every single day! That’s quite a statement to entice anyone seeking to make some side income. However, we do not have any way to verify these.

We can only use the feedback of former and existing members to answer this. Note, however, that some rewards are in the form of Amazon gift cards. As opposed to cash.

In the ySense forum, there’s a topic named Your Stats. It has several posts by members giving feedback about their money-making experiences.

how much can I earn from ySense

What you will immediately notice is that the figures vary widely. I expected this. Not every member will have access to the same opportunities due to the eligibility of surveys.

Also, the amount of effort one devotes to searching and qualifying for surveys matters. However, some users give up at some point as they deem this not worth the effort.

So if you are asking can I make money on ySense, the answer is yes. But the amount will not be constant. Expect roadblocks along the road.

ySense Payment Proof

Accumulating funds in your account is one thing. ySense paying out that amount is another.

Does ySense pay? Many prospective users wonder. I did before joining. The only way to determine this is to look at evidence from members – some payment proof to support what I find.

Again, let’s look at the ySense forum. Some members have provided proof that ySense processed their earnings. There are many, and I’ve picked just a few for demonstration.

ySense payment proof

See another evidence below of a $25 payout through Skrill.

Can you make money on ySense

Below is further proof of received funds by a member. The screenshot is through the Skrill mobile app.

ySense payment proof

I cannot rule out manipulation on the part of ySense entirely. But it’s safe to assume actual users have genuinely provided these.

The threads read naturally and don’t seem bot-generated. They are also too many not to be from actual members of ySense.

Does ySense Have an App?

Just like its desktop counterpart, there’s also a ySense mobile app. If circumstances prevent you from using a laptop, a smartphone app comes in handy to fill the gap.

ySense has both Android and iOS app versions, and these cater to 99.9% of all smartphone users. And to download the ySense app, access either Google Play or App Store.

While the ySense app is convenient, it scores poorly on user ratings. I took time to go through some of the reviews left by users and realized most had nothing to do with usability. Most people are reviewing the surveys than the app itself.

ySense review

An overwhelming theme seems to be issues surrounding the qualification of surveys. See another example below.

ySense review

An encouraging flip side is that at least ySense tries to respond to all the feedback, even if not to user satisfaction.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom, as some users have positive ratings on the app. But the majority is still in the negative hence the score of 3.3 out of 5 on the Android app.

ySense review

On the other hand, the same issues plague iOS app users. See some of this user feedback below.

ySense review
ySense review
ySense review

The app scores a measly 3.0 out of 5!

So instead of focusing on the ySense APK, maybe the brains behind the ySense app should direct attention to the business processes and algorithm that matches users to surveys. There seems to be a disconnect somewhere.

ySense Browser Addon

At first, I wondered why I needed a browser extension for ySense. I’m already using the service through the browser. It only made sense after I opened the addon link to learn more.

The browser options available are Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. The addon is only usable on desktop browsers, not mobile.

ySense browser addon

The ySense browser addon’s only function is to keep the user updated with notifications. For a dynamic platform like ySense, a lot happens in the background to keep up with all the time.

For example, a new survey or task you’d like to do might become available. But before others snatch it up, you would see it immediately in your browser’s toolbar.

Unlike the mobile app, the addons have mainly positive reviews. In the Chrome Web Store, users have rated it at 4.6 out of 5. And this is from over 600 users!

How to Cash Out on ySense

Once you’ve accumulated some funds, you can make a ySense payout. Take note of the available balance often.

To initiate this process, log in to your account. Click Cashout under the Account details section.

how to cash out on ySense

This action redirects to the cashout page with several choices one needs to pick, like selecting the payment processing provider.

ySense Payment Methods

Unlike some microtasks websites I’ve come across before, ySense supports more payment options.

The payment methods are;

  • Payoneer
  • PayPal
  • Skrill

In addition, there is also an Amazon Rewards option. These gift cards are redeemable on Amazon across several categories of products.

ySense payment method

Also, there are other lesser-known payment methods. These are available to specific countries only, for example, Reward Link in Italy and Steam in a few European countries.

And since there are ySense PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill options, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find a way to withdraw your money.

ySense Minimum Withdrawal

Instead of a member specifying the amount they want to withdraw, ySense defines discrete amounts for each payment method. They occur in values like $5, $10, $50, and so on.

ySense minimum withdrawal

It’s my first time. I’ve not seen this kind of minimum cashout value. Strange. Right?

Payoneer has the highest minimum. Therefore I’ll not advise this for first-time users. Who knows, you might get bored before you rack up $52!

Skrill is the best option since the minimum is only $5.

ySense Customer Support

Customer support at ySense happens in the form of a chatbot and the use of email.

The email option allows categorization of the problem and attachment of screenshots and supporting files. And this is right from within the ySense website.

However, the note on waiting for up to ten days for a remedy does not look inviting!

Tutorial ySense

But before you go the email way, there’s a ySense help page with extensive FAQs. These tips cover most if not all the functions one will encounter while navigating the account.

ySense has categorized this into four main sections – Surveys, Offers, Referrals, and General.

ySense Forum

If the tutorials available in the Help section do not prove valuable to resolving issues with your ySense account, consider the ySense forum.

The content available on the ySense forum is members generated. The chances are that any challenges you face, others have been faced too, from how to qualify for surveys, to withdrawing funds.

They are likely to have provided solutions within the forum topics.

YouTube ySense

Not everyone enjoys reading through walls of text. They’d like to watch it instead. And that’s the reason YouTube has become popular for how-to videos.

Unfortunately, ySense does not have a YouTube channel. Neither does Prodege, the company that owns ySense.

All I come across are independent reviewers. These are also awesome to get a rundown of the service ySense offers, but only a few go into walkthroughs.

How to close ySense account

Given the accounts I’ve come across of members expressing frustrations, I understand why anyone would want to move on.

How to delete a ySense account is pretty easy. However, it comes with disclaimers, like forfeiting any funds in your account.

Ensure you log in to your account. Navigate to the Profile and Settings link, a new page loads with tabbed windows. Under the Profile tab, click on the Close Account link.

A dialogue box appears asking you to confirm this action. Type your reason in the provided text box. This step is optional. Lastly, click the Close Account button to finish.

ySense Pros & Cons


  • ySense is backed by a reputable company.
  • The website’s design is intuitive.
  • One can use apps on a smartphone to accomplish the same.


  • Too many complaints – lack of surveys, screening out of surveys, ySense account deactivations.
  • Low and inconsistent earnings.
  • Difficulties qualifying for surveys.
  • Cases of withdrawals taking too long.

Other ySense Reviews

To gauge the public’s perception, it’s worth the time to look at feedback from ySense members. This is in addition to the reviews I’d highlighted earlier under the mobile app.

Trustpilot ySense Reviews

On the Trustpilot consumer review website, ySense scores an impressive 4.1 out of 5! But a keen examination of the individual user reviews reveals a worrying pattern.

  • Most of the 5-star ratings are invited reviews.
  • Most of positive reviews are hardly what I can call reviews.
Trustpilot ySense
ySense experience
ySense feedback
ySense review

Companies initiate invited reviews and are likely biased, unlike members who willingly volunteer to leave feedback.

As far as the 5-star ratings go, I find them incomplete. Simply saying I’m pleased or I love it is of no value to others seeking ySense experiences.

Other members’ reviews speak a cautionary tale. Note these are non-invited. The concerns with the way ySense serves surveys are still present.

ySense review

I’d read earlier on the help pages that payments can take up to ten days, but for ySense to be competitive, they have to improve on this.

Trustpilot ySense

There are way more negative reviews than I can post here. In my opinion, no one should rely on this Trustpilot ySense rating of 4.1 to join. It’s blatant manipulation!

ySense Quora Reviews

As far as ySense work from home reviews go, we cannot fail to look at the popular Q&A website Quora. It has a fair share of internet traffic, and endless community discussions happen.

It’s a great source of information on products, services, and anything worth discussing.

ySense Quora

So what do people think of ySense?

The amount of content touching on ySense is too immense to go through it all. Unlike a review site, Quora doe not have a summary of all the users’ feedback.

The only way to get a sense of things is to sample some questions and their responses.

Below are some of the feedback on ySense from members, both positive and negative.

  • ySense is legit and safe to use.
  • Earnings are not consistent and not dependable as the only income source.
  • Disqualification from surveys after spending considerable time answering questions.
  • It needs lots of patience to find eligible tasks and earn.

Many Quora users have written positive responses. But only because they intend to sign up referrals through their affiliate links. It degrades the value of Quora discussions on ySense.

Apps Like ySense

Apps similar to ySense do exist. And since the principal method to earn money with ySense is surveys, I’ll list other websites and apps offering the same.

  • Swagbucks
  • GrabPoints
  • CashCrate
  • Offernation
  • PrizeRebel

It’s always advisable to sign up for some of these websites to diversify income sources. It might be extra work to keep abreast of all the happenings, but you benefit from access to more tasks.

ySense Review Conclusion

I know all this information is too much to take in in one sitting. However, the most vital bit is if it’s worth pursuing as an income source.

While the opportunity is legit, the feedback from existing members paints a gloomy picture. Some have made money, but there’s none that I’ve found to be consistent over a long period.

I believe at some point in time, members drop off to pursue other more dependable income generation activities.

The pay is set at the bare minimum since these surveys and tasks require minimal skills. Amounts that do not justify your time in exchange for money.

There are other make money online alternatives that pay much more than ySense. Examples are freelancing, affiliate marketing, YouTubing, etc.

In my opinion, I do not recommend ySense. Unless as a secondary income source when you have free time.


How does ySense Make Money?

ySense makes money by gathering market and consumer data on behalf of brands. These companies pay ySense to collect these insights invaluable to their product and services.

Of course, ySense pays out a portion of this money to survey respondents. The difference is profit (if I can call it that) due to ySense.

Is ySense Available in Nigeria?

Besides having a low age limit for participants, the ySense opportunity is available to all countries globally. So if your question is, does ySense work in Nigeria? The answer is YES.

And this extends to India, Bangladesh, etc. – countries usually associated with geo-restricted survey services from other providers.

How do I Create a ySense Account?

Visit ySense and use the Sign up for FREE and start earning… section to start the process of setting up an account.

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